InfoLink is the BGSU University Libraries’ information service for non-university clients. The Reference Unit of the Library Teaching and Learning Department offers document delivery and research assistance.

Service Definition Item Fee
Research Service Provides clients with a list of available resources on a certain topic and finds the answer to questions that might require extensive research. Professional time: plus costs for document delivery, if applicable. This fee will be charged for all services other than known item requests. $75/hour
(prorated by 1/4 hour)
Document Delivery Delivers copies of articles, book chapters, and other materials in compliance with copyright laws. (InfoLink cannot loan books or recordings). Photocopies $15/item up to 20 pages;
$.50 per each additional page
Fiche-to-fiche $15/item;
$.20 per each additional fiche (does not include copyrighted fiche)
Shipping* Unless otherwise instructed, all materials are sent by 1st class U.S. mail.  For courier services, we prefer to bill the client's courier account number, if available.  All services must be prepaid, with a check made out to BGSU, unless credit has been previously established. U.S. Mail (up to 5 oz.) $3.00/package
Telefacsimile (fax) $1.00/page
FedEx, UPS, Courier services at cost

*Ohio sales tax applies except for tax exempt institutions (must provide Federal Tax ID#)

Rush Services - Ship requested materials within 48 hours; 50% surcharge on all charges. Rush service may not be available at all times or for all services, and requests for rush service may be refused at the discretion of Library staff members.

InfoLink has a minimum charge of $15.00. Clients will be billed through the Bowling Green State University Business Office, and may be asked to provide a Social Security number, purchase order number, or other information for billing purposes.

Browne Popular Culture Library InfoLink services are also available.

Requests for materials from University Libraries, Library Teaching and Learning can be made Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., E.S.T. by contacting Linda Rich ( 419-372-7902 phone.

Linda Rich (, Coordinator of Reference Services