2016 Honorees

Friends of the University Libraries at Bowling Green State University

The Friends of the University Libraries honor BGSU faculty and staff members for their scholarly publications and artistic achievements. This year The Friends of the University Libraries will be celebrating Authors and Artists via online technology to showcase the existing works of our faculty and staff via our web page.

The Friends Board Awards and Recognition's Committee, with the assistance of University units, selected the following honorees. In order to be recognized, nominations have met the criteria for recognition, and achievements have been completely documented. Additional information is available in the Authors and Artists acceptance criteria.

Michael Arrigo
Visual Art Exhibit; Crumbs Gather in the Folds (solo exhibition); Mariani Gallery, University of Northern Colorado; Greeley CO USA.

Sung Bae
Bae, S.C., Kim, H.S., Kwon, T.H. (2016). Foreign currency debt financing, firm value, and risk: evidence from Korea surrounding global financial crisis. Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies 45(1), 124-152.

Bae, S.C., Chang, K., Yi, H.C., (2016). The impact of corporate social responsibility activities on corporate financing: a case of bank loan covenants. Applied Economics Letters 23(17), 1234-1237.

John Balistreri
Visual Art Exhibit; Matter And Force; Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art; Kansas City MO.

Janet Ballweg
Visual Art Exhibit; A Kernel of Truth; Grafica D/Arte Americana Contemporanea at il Bisonte Gallery; Florence, Italy.
Visual Art Exhibit; Untitled; Guanlan International Print Biennial,; China Printmaking Museum, Shenzhen, China.

Savilla Banister
Li, L., Liu, X. & Banister, S. (2016) An integrated approach to facilitate the training of methodological competencies in a teacher education program. European Journal of Research on Education and Teaching 14(3), 49-58.

Cynthia Baron
Baron, Cynthia. (2016). Modern acting: The lost chapter in American film and theatre. London: Palgrave.

Liz Bayan
Visual Art Exhibit; untitled; Disrupt/Connect; Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Bonnie Berger
Berger, B.G., Darby, L.A., Zhang, Y., Owen D.R. & Tobar, D.A. (2016). Mood and exercise enjoyment of college students when jogging at preferred exercise intensities. Journal of Sport Behavior 39(1), 3-21.

Colleen Boff
Lux, V. v., Snyder, R. r., & Boff, C. c. (2016). Why Users Come to the Library: A Case Study of Library and Non-Library Units. Journal Of Academic Librarianship, 42(2), 109-117.

Tim Brackenberry
Ludy MJ, Brackenbury T, Folkins JW, Peet SH, Langendorfer SJ, Beining K. Student Impressions of Syllabus Design: Engaging Versus Contractual Syllabus. International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. 2016; 10(2):1-23

Brandon Briggs
Visual Art Exhibit; Schema; Manifest Gallery; Cincinnati, OH.

Todd Childers 
Identity Conference Poster, Graphis Design Annual.

Sungho Cho
Cho, S. & Kim, Y. (2016). Rationalization of prior substantiation doctrine: Federal Trade Commission v. Reebok and Sketchers. Loyola Consumer Law Review 29(1), 55-94.

Kimberly Coates
Coates, Kimberly. (2016). Virginia Woolf’s Queer Time and Place: Wartime London and a World Aslant. In B. Helt & M. Detloff (eds.), Queer Bloomsbury (64-88). Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Greg Decker
Decker, G. J. (2016). Strategies for opposition, ambiguity, and “Amarilli” in the “seconda pratica” Italian madrigal. Intégral 28/29, 181-219.

Heath Diehl
Diehl, H.A. (2016). There are times when an old rule should be abandoned, or a current rule should not
be applied: narration, innovation, and hardboiled fiction in Sue Grafton's 'T' is for Trespass. TEXT, 37, 1-13.

Matthew Donahue
Visual Art Exhibit; Celebration Bowl; Porter Gallery-Toledo School for the Arts; Toledo, Ohio.

Visual Art Exhibit; War What is it Good For; Northwest Ohio Community Art Exhibition-NOWOH-Fine Arts Gallery-Bowling Green State University; Bowling Green, Ohio.

Music Producer; Little Axe-"One Man-One Night"; Internationally released sound recording by international recording artist Skip "Little Axe" McDonald.

Marce Dupay
Visual Art Exhibit; tutte le strade; L'Unico; Rome, Italy.

Dena Eber
Visual Art Exhibit; The Peoples of the Western Galilee Exhibition; Okashi Museum; Akko, Israel.

Heather Elliot-Famularo
Elliot-Famularo, H. (2016). Using inquiry-based 21st-century interactive digital curriculum to teach the Holocaust: one approach from Toledo, Ohio, bearing witness, the voices of our survivors. New Pedagogical Review.

Daniel Fasko
Fasko, D., Wagner, P. A., Johnson, D., & Fair, F. (2016). Thinking beyond the test: Strategies for re-introducing higher-level thinking skills. New York: Rowman & Littlefield.

Amy Fidler
Visual Art Exhibit; On Her Own Terms, Sit and Tell; Glass Pavilion, Toledo Museum of Art; Toledo, OH.

John Folkins
Folkins, J.W., Brackenbury, T., Krause, M., Haviland, A. (2016). Enhancing the therapy experience using principles of video game design. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 25(1): 111-121.

Folkins, J. W. (2016). Are we asking the right questions about pedagogy in communication sciences and disorders?  Contemporary Issues in Communication Sciences and Disorders, 43(1), 77-86.

Andrew Gilliatt
Visual Art Exhibit; Designed + Crafted; Contemporary Art Center Atlanta; Atlanta, GA.

Mille Guldbeck
Visual Art Exhibit; The Space Between: Studies in Color; Dieglan Space; Akureyri, Iceland.

Alli Hoag
Visual Art Exhibit; LifeForms; Corning Museum of Art; Corning, NY.

Andrew Hershberger
Hershberger, A. "Face It: Historical and Contemporary Complexities in Photographic Portraiture." Catalog essay in Face It: Reimagining Contemporary Portraits (Bowling Green, OH: Fine Arts Center Galleries, 2016), 4-8, 15, 23, 39-44.

Rebecca Kinney
Kinney, Rebecca J. Beautiful wasteland: The rise of Detroit as America’s post-industrial frontier. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

Heejoo Kim
Visual Art Exhibit; Unwearable Functional: Akinetic Mutism; FIVA, Festival Internacional De Videoarte; Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Laura Landry Meyer
Landry-Meyer, L., Gerard, J.M., Sturm, M.R., Wooldridge, D.G. (2016). A three-tier model for linking students to the community. Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences, 108(4), 45-50.

Stephen Langendorfer
Ludy MJ, Brackenbury T, Folkins JW, Peet SH, Langendorfer SJ, Beining K. Student Impressions of Syllabus Design: Engaging Versus Contractual Syllabus. International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. 2016; 10(2):1-23.

Roberton, M.A., Thompson, G., & Langendorfer, S.J. (2016). Initial steps in creating a developmentally valid tool for observing/assessing rope jumping. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, 22: 1-10.

Langendorfer, S.J. (Ed)., International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education.

Roberton, M.A., Thompson, G., & Langendorfer, S.J. (2016). Initial steps in creating a developmentally valid tool for observing/assessing rope jumping. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, 22. 1-10.

Sean Leatherbury
Leatherbury. S. (2016). Competitive sacrifice: Christian visual engagement with Jewish sacrificial history and the temple in late antique Arabia. In C. Hezser and U. Leibner (Eds.), Jewish art in its late antique context. Texts and studies in ancient Judaism series (279-302). Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck Verlag.

Elainie Lillios
Musical Artist (recording); The Rush of the Brook Stills the Mind - percussion and live electronics; Released on Music from SEAMUS Volume XXV. Compact disc. EAM-2016.

Lucy Long
Long, L., ed. (2016). Ethnic American cooking: Recipes for living in a new world. Lanham, MD: Roman & Littlefield.
Mary-Jon Ludy

Leone R.J., Morgan AL, Ludy MJ. (2016). Validation of self-reported anthropometrics in female college freshmen. International Journal of Exercise Science, 9(1), 47-55.

Ludy, M.J., Brackenbury, T., Folkins, J.W., Peet, S.H., Langendorfer, S.J., Beining. K. (2016). Student impressions of syllabus design: engaging versus contractual syllabus. International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 10(2), 1-23.

Andreas Luescher
Luescher, A. (2016). Architecture that bows to the artist: Musée Soulages. Architectural Research Quarterly, 20(3), 207-216.

Luescher, A. & Laursen, L.H. (2016). Towards a new planning vocabulary: developing a catalogue of nonconventional approaches to steering and planning shrinking territories. Spaces and Flows: An International Journal of Urban and ExtraUrban Studies, 7(3), 19-32.

Luescher, A. & Shetty, S. (2016). Toledo tomorrow: reading Norman Bel Geddes' vision for the future in a shrinking midwestern city. Journal Of Urban Design, 21(2), 177-194.

Vera Lux
Lux, V. J., & Rich, L. (2016). Can student assistants effectively provide chat reference services? Student transcripts vs. librarian transcripts. Internet Reference Services Quarterly, 21(3-4), 115-139.

Lux, V., Snyder, R. J., & Boff, C. (2016). Why users come to the library: a case study of library and non-library units. Journal Of Academic Librarianship, 42(2), 109-117.

Garbriel Matney
Matney, G., Panarach, Y., & Jackson, J. (2016). Establishing validity of the Thai mathematics teaching efficacy beliefs instrument. School Science and Mathematics Journal 116(3), 164-172.

Ross Mazzupappa
Visual Art Exhibit; The Thinginess of Print; Indiana University Southeast; New Albany, IN.

Daniel McInnis
Visual Art Exhibit; Heidi and Lily, Ohio, 2015; National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; Washington D.C. (also traveling to WA, TX and KS for three other venues).

Bonnie Mitchell
Visual Art Exhibit; animation; Punto y Raya Festival, ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie; Karlsruhe, Germany.

Amy Morgan
Steed, C.L., Krull, B.R., Morgan, A.L., Tucker, R.M., Ludy, M.J. (2016). Relationship between body fat and physical fitness in Army ROTC cadets. Military Medicine 181(9):1007-12.

Shawn Morin
Visual Art Exhibit; Untitled; Sculpture Walk; Sioux Falls, SD.

Tom Muir
Visual Art Exhibit; Star-nosed Mole Belt Buckle; International Belt Buckle Competition; Renne Gallery, Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana.

Visual Art Exhibit; untitled; BEIJING INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY EXHIBITION, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology; Beijing, China.

Joel O'Dorisio
Visual Art Exhibit; Luxus; Corning Museum of Art; Corning, NY.

Leigh-Ann Pahapill
Visual Art Exhibit; The Interaction of Color | The Relativity of Form; Elizabeth Holden Gallery, Warren Wilson College; Swannanoa, NC.

Amanda Paule-Koba
Heller, E.A., Gilson T.A., & Paule-Koba, A. (2016). So, who’s our new coach? NCAA student athletes’ perceptions after a head coaching change. The Sport Journal.
Susan Peet
Ludy MJ, Brackenbury T, Folkins JW, Peet SH, Langendorfer SJ, Beining K. Student Impressions of Syllabus Design: Engaging Versus Contractual Syllabus. International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. 2016; 10(2):1-23.

Lubomir Popov
Popov, L. & Goza, F. (2016). Towards a metatheoretical basis of an activity approach to architectural programming research. IAFOR Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, 2(3), 47-61.  

Katerina Ruedi Ray
Marjanovic, I., and Rüedi Ray, K. (2016). Art graft: public art and state education. In Sweeney, M. and Silverman, J. (Eds.), Remaking the American college campus (167-190). Jefferson, NC: McFarland Press.

Rüedi Ray, K. (2016). A clear vision: the glass pavilion in context. In Reich, P. & Preu, N. (Eds.), The glass pavilion, Toledo Museum of Art. Toledo: Toledo Museum of Art.

Linda Rich
Lux, V. J., & Rich, L. (2016). Can student assistants effectively provide chat reference services? Student transcripts vs. librarian transcripts. Internet Reference Services Quarterly, 21(3-4), 115-139.

Gordon Ricketts
Public art mural; Public murals; Old South End/East Side; Toledo, OH

Kimberly Rogers
Rogers, K. C., & Steele, M. D. (2016). Graduate teaching assistants’ enactment of reasoning-and-proving tasks in a content course for elementary teachers. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 47, 372-419. DOI: 10.5951/jresematheduc.47.4.0372

Gilbertson, N., & Rogers, K. C. (2016). Triangles with integer dimensions. Mathematics Teacher, 109(9), 654-661.

John Sampen

Musical Artist (performance); Music of Georgy Kurtag (Homage, Sappho Fragment, In Nomine); North American Saxophone Alliance Region 5 - Opening Concert; Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne University

Ronald Scherer
Hampala V., Garcia, M., Svec J.G., Scherer, R., and Herbst, C.T. (2016). Relationship between the electroglottographic signal and vocal fold contact area. Journal of Voice, 30(2), 161-171.

Ryan Shelley

Visual Art Exhibit; Chaos; Arc Gallery; San Francisco, CA.

Marilyn Shrude
Composer; Residency at Kent State University December 2-4, 2016, which included the performance of xxx of my works: "Into Light" by the KSU Symphony Orchestra; "Silent Night" by the KSU Chorale; "Arctic Desert," "Secrets," "Shadows and Dawning," "Fantasmi," and "Tr; Kent State University; Kent, Ohio.

Ewart Skinner
Schiavo, R., Hilyard, K., and Skinner, E. (2016).  Community-Based Risk Communication in Epidemics and Emerging Disease Settings (CH 12). In R. Zimmerman, R. DiClemente, J. Andrus, and E. Hosein (Eds.),  Introduction to Global Health Promotion (271-302). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, a Wiley Brand.

Rebecca Skinner Green
Green, Rebecca L. Skinner.  Exhibition Review: "Senufo: Art and Identity in West Africa," and accompanying Catalog by Gagliardi, Susan Elizabeth. "Senufo Unbound: Dynamics of Art and Identity in West Africa." [Cleveland OH: Cleveland Museum of Art in association with 5 Continents Editions, 2014].  caa.reviews (by invitation).  New York, NY:  College Art Association publications. April 7, 2016.  

Jon Sprague
Luedeke, M., Miller, E., Sprague, J.E.  (2016). Technical note:  the effects of Bluestar® and Luminol when used in conjunction with tetramethylbenzidine or phenolphthalein. Forensic Sci International, 262, 156-159.

Grecco,G.G., Sprague, J.E.(2016). Impact of functional group modifications on designer phenethylamine
induced hyperthermia.  Chem Res Toxicol, 29(5), 871-878.

Hrometz, S.L., Ebert, J.A., Grice, K.E., Nowinski, S.M., Mills, E.M., Myers, B.J., Sprague, J.E. (2016). Potentiation of ecstasy induced hyperthermia and FAT/CD36 expression in chronically exercised animals. Temperature, 3(4), 1-10.

Lauritsen, K.J., Rosenberg, H., Sprague, J.E. University students’ attribution for abstinence from synthetic cannabinoids and synthetic cathinones. Addictive Behaviors.

Zona, L.C., Grecco, G.G., Sprague, J.E. (2016). Cooling down the bath salts: carvedilol attenuation of methylone and mephedrone mediated hyperthermia.  Toxicol. Let. 263, 11-15.

Riley, C.L., Dao, C., Kenaston, M.A., Muto, L., Kohno, S., Nowinski, S.M., Solmonson, A.D., Pfeiffer, M.,Sack, M.N., Lu, Z., Fiermonte, G., Sprague, J.E., Mills, E.M. (2016). The complementary and divergent roles of uncoupling proteins 1 and 3 in thermoregulation.  J Physiol. 594(24), 7455-7464.

Sarit Somasa
Visual Art Exhibit; Artwalks; Red Bird Arts District, Spacebar; Sylvania, OH.

Jenn Stucker

Stucker, Jenn. 46th Creativity International Print & Packaging Design Awards / Platinum Award // The Sit&Tell Project collateral material.

Chuck Tucker
Visual Art Exhibit; Constructions; Clay College Gallery; Millville, NJ.

Jane Wheeler
Wheeler, J. (2016). Understanding the use of self in organizational development: an exploratory study of
the self-exploration practices in Auroville, India. Organization Development Journal, 34(4).

Lynn Whitney
Visual Art Exhibit; Art Through the Lens; Yeiser Art Center; Paducah, KY.

Dennis Wojtkiewicz
Visual Art Exhibit; Solo exhibition; M.A. Doran Gallery; Tulsa, OK.

Maureen Wilson
Wilson, M. E., Hirschy, A. S., & Braxton, J. M. (2016). Admonitory behavioral norms of campus housing and residence life professionals. Journal of College and University Student Housing, 43, 44-58.

Wilson, M. E., Liddell, D. L., Hirschy, A. S., & Pasquesi, K. (2016). Professional identity, career commitment, and career entrenchment of midlevel student affairs professionals. Journal of College Student Development, 57, 557-572.

Christopher Witulski
Witulski, C. (2016). Crossing paths: musical and ritual interactivity between the hamadsha and gnawa in Sidi Ali, Morocco. Yale Journal of Music and Religion 2(2), 175-194.

Deborah Wooldridge
Shafiae, S. & Wooldridge, D.G. (Co- Eds.). (2015-present). The IAFOR Journal of Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences.

Kim Young
Visual Art Exhibit; On Virtual Vacation; Neon Heater Gallery; Findlay, OH.

Lori Young
Visual Art Exhibit; Chair, Sit and Tell; Glass Pavilion, Toledo Museum of Art; Toledo, OH.











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