Student Employment Guidelines

Welcome to the University Libraries!  You are vital to our success, and we are committed to your professional growth and development. The University Libraries offers a wide array of work experiences to help you prepare for your future career. Below are general guidelines related to your employment with us.

Reporting Time Worked

  • Student employees record their time worked electronically (eTime) via Kronos time collection terminals or computers located in the University Libraries. Your supervisor will explain time reporting procedures, and will show you where your card reader or computer terminal for recording work time is located.

  • Please report any errors or problems recording the time you have worked to your supervisor as soon as they occur.

  • The two-week pay period begins on a Sunday and ends on a Saturday per the current payroll schedule.


  • Please check with your supervisor for department policies related to schedule flexibility. Report any illnesses or anticipated absences to your supervisor immediately, so that arrangements can be made to accommodate your absence. Student employees are not eligible to receive sick leave pay.

  • Our services rely heavily on your assistance. Promptness is essential to the effective operation of our organization.

  • Attendance policies may vary slightly among library departments; however, tardiness and/or failure to show up for your scheduled shift without notification is not acceptable. Repeated infractions will warrant verbal and written warnings, and failure to comply will result in dismissal. Ask your supervisor about your department's specific guidelines.


  • Be of good cheer when holidays are here! If you are scheduled to work on a holiday when classes are held and the library is open (e.g., Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, President's Day), you are expected to report to work as usual. Some UL student positions are eligible to earn a premium pay rate during holidays and semester breaks. Check with your supervisor.


  • Paychecks are issued bi-weekly for all students paid via the BGSU payroll, according to the Student Employment Services Pay Schedule.

  • As part of the hiring process, student employees must enroll in direct deposit. Students complete a direct deposit form and provide information about their financial institution of choice. Paychecks are deposited electronically into students' checking or savings accounts, according to their preference.

  • Students can access their paycheck details online via MyBGSU. Once activated, direct deposit remains in effect until the student self designates the change via MyBGSU, notifies the Payroll Accounting Office to change his or her financial institution or the student leaves the University.


  • UL student employees are encouraged to take a 15-minute paid break during every four (4) consecutive hours of work. State law requires that individuals get a 15-minute paid break after working five (5) hours.  UL student employees who work six (6) or more hours should take a one-half hour unpaid break.  UL student employees should not be scheduled to work longer than eight (8) hours per day.  

Performance Review

  • You will gain valuable knowledge, skills, and abilities through the work you perform.  The performance review process is an important means for your supervisor to assess your effectiveness on-the-job.  In addition to the ongoing feedback your supervisor will provide throughout the year, the annual evaluation at the end of spring semester will offer you the opportunity to discuss your overall performance with your supervisor.  Your supervisor will use the UL Student Employee Evaluation Form to document and discuss your overall performance at the end of the academic year.

  • Performance evaluations are completed when a student employee finds it necessary to resign or leave a job temporarily.  A student employee who wishes to resign from a position should give the supervisor two (2) weeks advance notice. Supervisors should give student employees two (2) weeks notification of dismissal, unless a student employee is found in extreme violation of University policies, in which case dismissal will warrant no advance notice.


  • Attire for work in public service areas may vary from that in non-public service areas. Examples of unacceptable attire include swimsuits, sexually revealing apparel, and clothing containing obscene or offensive graphics. Please ask your supervisor what constitutes appropriate attire for your department. All departments require that employees wear shoes (and clothes).

Use of Library/University Equipment or Facilities

  • State and University policies prohibit personal use of government property for personal gain. Any action in which BGSU property, equipment, supplies, or facilities are not used for the purpose intended is considered inappropriate, and disciplinary action will be initiated when an infraction occurs. Computers, photocopy equipment, library materials, etc. qualify as State/University property.  For details refer to the BGSU IT Policies. The Code of Student Conduct located in the BGSU Student Handbook outlines sanctions for offenses against University property.    Please ask your supervisor for department guidelines.

Student Employee Safety

  • Your safety is paramount, both while you are working and when you leave work.  If a library user is abusive or behaves inappropriately, bring the matter to your supervisor’s attention immediately.  If your supervisor is not available, immediately notify another supervisor who is on duty at the time. The supervisor will determine if Public Safety should be called. Familiarize yourself with the Student Employee Safety and Security Procedures for steps to take in specific emergencies.
  • Student employees who work evening shifts are strongly encouraged to choose a safe alternative to walking alone.  We believe there is safety in numbers, so leave work with another individual or use the BGSU Safety Resources.  Call 372-8360 to arrange for this service.

If you have questions about UL employment practices or policies, please contact the Administrative Office, Room 204 Jerome Library 419-372-2856.

Updated: 06/05/2023 09:16AM