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Our staff is home to graduate students pursuing MA, MFA, and PhD degrees from a range of fields and disciplines including English, Business, American Culture Studies, Composition and Rhetoric, Creative Writing, and Art History; our writing consultants have experience with graduate-level writing and can relate to the demands of graduate school.

Writing consultants can work with you on a range of projects, including seminar papers, abstracts, conference papers, and personal statements.

PLEASE NOTE: Writing projects of considerable length can not be discussed in their entirety in a single hour-long session and may require multiple sessions.  However, writers are permitted two appointments per week, and you may also choose to work with the same Writing Consultant on a recurring basis. 

Since the writing consultants ask questions and offer suggestions to help you fully develop your ideas and clearly express the purpose of your writing, they rely on you to understand the complexities of the subject matter. This way, consultants can help at any step of the writing process, and, as a result, can focus on the conveyance of your ideas and the quality of the writing at hand.

Many additional services for graduate students are available through the Jerome Library. Information about thesis and dissertation requirements can be found at the Graduate College and in the Thesis and Dissertation Handbook.  

Graduate Consultants

Darlene Johnston

Darlene is finishing her fourth year in the Writing and Rhetoric Doctoral program.  Her research interests include the rhetoric of silence, feminist rhetorical studies, and the rhetoric of political resistance. Her dissertation is titled, "Making Their Voices Heard: How Women in Kosovo Used Amplification to Ensure Representation in a Newly Created Democracy.” Darlene has an MA in English from Indiana University and an MA in TESOL and Bilingual Education from the University of Findlay which means she has successfully written a thesis using both APA and MLA formatting.  She has been teaching at the college level since 2003 and has taught undergraduate and graduate level courses and teaches in both online and face to face settings.

Jamie Clements

Jamie Clements is a 4th year PhD Student in the American Culture Studies program. His research interests include race and gender in tabletop roleplaying games and the roles of race and gender in geek/nerd culture. He also has experience in the fields of English and History, and significant experience helping students form whom English is a second (or third, fourth, etc.) language.

Mr. Adam J. Wagner

Adam is a second year M.A. student in the Literary and Textual Studies program. His areas of study are primarily American literature, the nineteenth century, queer theory, and religious studies. Adam enjoys serving fellow graduate students and would love to help out on a seminar paper, thesis, dissertation, article, or conference proposal at any stage of the writing process. 

Emma Guthrie

Emma Guthrie is a Rhetoric and Writing Ph.D. Student. She has been working as a writing consultant for three years: two years at a previous university, and one year at BGSU's Learning Commons. In the Learning Commons, she enjoys working with students on the organization of their work, whether that be text-based writing or multimodal work. She is very familiar with GSW-1110 and 1120 curriculum and requirements and can help create assignment sheets. She also enjoys working with writers on graduate school application documents.

Courtney Bliss

Shay Hawkins

Shay Hawkins is currently a member of the Master of Fine Arts department. She worked at her previous university’s writing center for a year and a half before joining the staff here at the Learning Commons Writing Center. Her areas of scholarly interest include poetry, rhetoric & composition, ESOL tutoring, and writing center pedagogy. While she is familiar with the requirements of GSW 1110 and 1120 courses, Shay also likes to help students (and graduate students) work on other projects as well, such as: multimodal projects, reports, theses, applications, letters of intent, etc. 

Kate Metcalf