Please contact us if you have questions or concerns about the writing services offered at The Learning Commons.

J. Clevenger

Assistant Director

We can assist you and your student writers

At The Learning Commons, we are keenly aware that the services we offer are most beneficial when we work in concert with faculty and instructors to promote goals established in the classroom. The Learning Commons maintains a focus that is student-centered. Though we work with the specific writing projects writers bring to us, our mission is to help students become effective, independent writers. To that end, we will not edit drafts; rather, we offer feedback to writers to help them identify and address areas of concern themselves.

How can The Learning Commons help? 

1. Subject-matter doesn't matter
Writing consultants can help student writers from all fields of study. Since we ask questions and offer suggestions to help writers fully develop their ideas and clearly express the purpose of their work, we rely on the writers to understand the complexities of the subject matter. As a result, can work with writers from all disciplines, at all levels, and at any time in the writing process.

2. In-class presentations
Writing consultants are available to visit your class to discuss the services offered by The Learning Commons. You may also schedule a time to bring your class The Learning Commons for a guided tour. We also offer classroom-based workshops and presentations on topics ranging from using citation methods to crafting effective paragraphs. Just ask us; we may have already developed a workshop that will fit with your goals.

3. Available resources
Our Writing Resources page contains a variety of handouts that can be used as teaching tools or as additional resources for students to use on their own. Writing Consultants can also provide students with supplemental handouts and materials during individual appointments. 

Writing appointments for faculty members

The Learning Commons staff includes undergraduate, graduate, and faculty writers who are all sympathetic readers. Many of our staff have developed course assignments, grant proposals, materials for publication, and have completed large writing projects. We can offer you a reader’s perspective, asking questions and offering suggestions that can help you achieve your objective. 

Assist us and your student writers:

  • Include information about The Learning Commons on your syllabus
  • Bring your class to The Learning Commons for a visit
  • Invite a writing consultant to your class
  • Encourage writers to visit The Learning Commons at any stage of the writing process
  • Use the session report forms as tools for fostering communication throughout the writing process
  • Refer a writer to The Learning Commons using SuccessNet
  • Send a copy of your writing assignment(s) to the Learning Commons