Online Services

OWL Submission 

OWL is an acronym for Online Writers Lab, a service offered at many Writing Centers.

However, at BGSU, OWL is also another name for The Online Connection @ Your Learning Commons! Through this valuable campus resource, busy student writers, who are unable to come to the Learning Commons in person, can still find the writing assistance they need by submitting their work to receive feedback from a writing consultant.

Submit your draft for an on-line consultation

Virtual Session

Need help with writing but can't make it to campus?

The Learning Commons offers real time, online tutoring with document exchange and video chat. Now, you can work with a writing consultant - wherever you are - and get the writing support you need. Sessions are similar to in person sessions in that they are 50 minutes in length. All types of writing can be reviewed during a Virtual Session!

Call The Learning Commons to schedule a Virtual Session.

Updated: 06/05/2023 09:54AM