Student Expectations

REMINDER: The services available at The Learning Commons fall under the guidelines of the BGSU Academic Honesty Policy.

We Expect Students To...

  • Always check in and out at the front desk with your ID to ensure a record of your attendance.
  • Call at least 2 hours in advance when you cannot make a scheduled appointment (419-372-2823).
  • Come prepared - bring all necessary materials to the tutoring session with homework done or attempted.
  • Be on time to tutoring appointments.
  • Create specific, realistic goals before you start a tutoring session.
  • Be motivated to do well and accomplish goals.
  • Ask questions and remain receptive to constructive criticism.
If you have 2 unexcused absences The Learning Commons has the right to drop you from your study group or reoccurring appointment. Returning to your reserved appointment requires meeting with a coordinator.

Our Tutors Can...

  • Help students develop strategies for learning course content.
  • Help students develop self-confidence, raise self-concept, and reduce anxiety or fear relating to academic work.
  • Offer study skill suggestions (time management, note taking skills, etc.).
  • Provide a student perspective on learning and school success.

Our Tutors Cannot...

  • Help students with take home tests or quizzes of any kind.
  • Do a student's homework for them. However, they can help students develop an approach to the assignment through similar problems and examples.
  • Guarantee a student's work is error free or guarantee a higher grade. All student work is the student’s responsibility.
  • Make themselves available outside of their regular tutoring times.
  • Intervene in the student's relationship with the instructor.
  • Teach material students may have missed in class (tutoring is not a makeup event for classroom instruction).

Some items borrowed from Tarleton State University