Services For Instructors

We have created the following form so that you will be able to inform us of how we may best serve the needs of your students:

Instructor Permission Form:  In an effort to provide the best services to students using the MAST Center, we ask each instructor to complete this form.  Tutors will only help students with listed activities if the Center has this form on file.  If you do not complete this form, we will help students with concepts using odd problems from the textbook.  Please complete the Instructor Permission Form every semester for each course that you are teaching to keep us apprised of your preferences for how we may assist your students.

Additionally, we would be happy to schedule a classroom talk,  set up a time for your class to tour our facilities, and/or provide you with student usage reports.  To request these services, contact us by phone at 419-372-2823 or e-mail at