The Learning Commons 2017-2018 Initiatives

Goal 1: Recruit FLY students for the Fall 2018 cohort.

Recruit 40 FLY students for the Fall 2018 cohort and continue with marketing and outreach events to assist in the recruitment of new students.  These events generally take place over the academic school year in the state of Ohio & Michigan.  (UL Goal 1)

Status Update

Initiated. We have created a formal growth plan for the FLY Program, which has guided our outreach events. FLY Program staff have given presentations at two Fall Preview Day events on campus, and have attended six college fairs during the Fall Semester.  FLY Staff attended two out-of-state college fairs that were not attended last year, including the CHOICES College Fair in Northbrook, Illinois, and the Groves Academy LD/ADHD College Fair in Bloomington, Minnesota. We are cultivating relationships with schools in Ohio, especially those whose primary population is students with Learning Disabilities or ADHD. During Fall Semester 2017, we visited two private schools who serve this population, the Lawrence School (Cleveland area) and Marburn Academy (Columbus area). FLY Program staff is collaborating with staff at both of these schools to arrange campus visits this spring.  In addition, a portion of our recruiting plan includes building detailed communication lists. We have been working to compile comprehensive lists of contacts at the State Support Teams in Ohio as well as at schools in Ohio and around the U.S. that serve our target population. In addition, we have been developing a database that lists all college fairs and recruiting events, so that we can continue to develop relationships with professionals and potential students. FLY staff has also been working to coordinate our efforts with Admission to mesh with current university-wide recruitment efforts.

Goal 2: Obtain CRLA re-certification.

Obtain re-certification of our tutor training program through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) by the end of the next cycle, which is July 2018. The applications materials were submitted to CRLA in July 2017, and we should receive preliminary feedback within four months (November 2017). (UL Goal 1)

Status Update

Completed. The Learning Commons has received 5-year recertification for Levels 1, 2 & 3 through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) International Tutor Training Program Certification. Each level of certification includes standards, learning outcomes and assessments that must be met by each tutor through the training program before they can become certified. Once a tutor has met the criteria, The Learning Commons awards the tutor the appropriate level of certification.

Goal 3: Support the Firelands Pathway fall cohort.

Provide resources and support for the Firelands Pathway fall cohort in their commons courses of MATH 090, COMM 1020 and HIST 2150 during fall semester 2017. We worked with the Pathway Academic Advisors to schedule structured drop-in tutoring for MATH 090 and HIST 2150 on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and will provide one-on-one writing consultations on an appointment basis for the COMM 1020 course. This program will be introduced to the Pathway students during their first class session as part of Welcome Week, and they will begin obtaining services the second week of the semester. (UL Goal 1)

Status Update

Completed Fall intervention; Spring tracking in-progress. The Learning Commons offered dedicated academic assistance to these students. COMM 1020 students were directed to make appointments with Writing Consultants, as needed. We provided dedicated study tables for students in two courses: HIST 2050 and MATH 90. Pathway students came to The LC desk to check-in and then directed to room 142 for study tables. By having the students check in and out at the main desk, the students were introduced to the larger LC but provided a smaller, more comfortable feel to their tutoring experience.  In the spring, we will track the LC attendance of those who attended the fall sessions and compare their spring attendance against the spring attendance of those Pathways students who did not attend a fall session.

Goal 4: Implement the Ohio eTutoring Collaborative service.

Implement the Ohio eTutoring Collaborative on-line tutoring services by the beginning of spring semester 2018. ITS has pushed back our project for single sign-on until November 2017, so we are behind schedule in getting the program implemented. In addition, there will need to be testing performed in the fall to make sure the system is working correctly and ready for launch in January 2018. (UL Goal 2)

Status Update

Initiated & available to BGSU students. SSO has been approved, and ITS completed the review of the platform and gave all necessary approvals.  Registration and Records has created a query that will create—as needed—a database of all students enrolled at BGSU, including students attending Firelands.  All BGSU students have been loaded into the platform. The BGSU landing page has been customized. The online tutor’s schedule has been established.  Expected launch date is January 17th. All that remains to do is market the platform & services to students. We have begun a collaboration with campus partners (including Student Enhancement Services on the Firelands campus and Student Athlete Services) to market and deliver the service to students.