Success Begins with U

Successful students achieve maximum benefits that BGSU has to offer by investing time and energy in their studies.  YOUR education is YOUR key to YOUR future.  BGSU’s premier tutoring center is the perfect place to spend your time and the ideal space to do homework, meet friends, or receive assistance.  The Learning Commons offers a variety of services for students wanting to achieve academic success in their time at BGSU.  These services include Academic Coaching, Supplemental Instruction, Math & Stats Tutoring, Subject Tutoring and Writing consultations.

Students struggling with handling their course load may seek an Academic Coach to assist them with study habits and time-management skills.  Many first time students accustomed to their structured high school schedules may struggle to manage their time between classes, study time and extracurricular activities with the independence that comes with being in college.  It is recommended that students, especially freshman, set priorities and stick to a schedule to manage their time.  Talking with parents, peers, and faculty advisors about planning and prioritizing may also be helpful.  Academic Coaches at the Learning Commons are one resource for students to meet with one-on-one to discuss how to better manage one’s time, set goals and prioritize.

First time students may also not be used to the type of studying demanded to succeed in college course work.  The courses may be faster-paced, require reading and comprehending course material as well as critical thinking at a higher level.  To adapt to these new study skills required, students may also get help from tutors at the Learning Commons to form new study habits.  For assistance specific to certain subject areas, drop-in tutoring is offered for a variety of subjects.  The schedule is available on our website. Students can also put in a request for an individual tutor or study group for any subject.  Requests can be made through our website or by stopping in to fill out a form.

In addition, Math & Stats tutors are available at the Learning Commons during all of our open hours. Students may visit our Math Lab at any time to receive assistance in mathematics courses. Doing math homework at the Learning Commons is a great way to study as the tutors are available if students get stuck on a problem.

Another great resource for students is the Learning Commons writing consultants.  Individual appointments may be scheduled with writing consultants for students wishing to receive assistance with writing papers, citations or finding academic sources.  Drafts may also be submitted online for our staff to review.

The services described above are great resources for all students to start off the semester with success.  Additional information may be found on our website and students may call 419-372-2823 for any questions.  The Learning Commons encourages students to stop-in to fulfill any of their academic needs. Come to the Learning Commons, and you’ll be on your way to academic success!