Employment Opportunities

The Learning Commons hires undergraduate and graduate students to work as Tutors, Supplemental Instructors, Academic Coaches, Writing Consultants, Clerical Support and Graduate Assistants. If you are interested in being considered for any current and/or future non-Assistantship positions within the Learning Commons, please complete our on-line employment application by clicking the button at the bottom of this page. This will remain on file for future reference within our office for up to one academic year. Below is a brief description of each student position within The Learning Commons.

Academic Coach

Academic Coaches work with students on an individual basis to develop successful study strategies. Specifically, Coaches train students in note-taking, textbook marking, active reading, active listening, time management, and learning styles. Coaches typically work with students for several sessions to develop and foster these strategies.

Math & Stats Tutor

Math & Stats tutors work in the drop-in Math Lab and are expected to tutor a wide range of Math and Stats courses. In order to be considered for this position, students must have completed Calculus (MATH 1310 or equivalent, BA 1700 or equivalent). The hiring process includes a written exam so prospective tutors can demonstrate their content knowledge.

Course-based Tutor

Course-based tutors provide tutoring for any course offered at BGSU except for math/stats courses or writing help. Tutors tutor in a variety of formats: drop-in tutoring for high-demand courses, small group tutoring, or individual appointment.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader

SI Leaders are students that successfully completed a historically difficult course at BGSU. SI Leaders repeat the course as an observer and then facilitate three, one-hour activity-based collaborative study sessions each week. SI Leaders must lesson plan for each session. The usual time commitment for this position is 10 hours/week.

Writing Consultant

Writing Consultants work one-on-one with writers during face-to-face appointments and online sessions. They provide writers with an engaged audience and offer relevant insights and feedback about the writer’s process and text.  Writing Consultants work to facilitate the writer’s growth at all stages of the writing process, on topics from any discipline, through a discussion of resources, skills, and rhetorical strategies.

The duties of a writing consultant include:

  • Assist writers from the BGSU community.
  • Provide writers a reader’s perspective of their work.
  • Provide helpful feedback in response to a writer's particular writing task.
  • Provide helpful insights regarding writing in general.
  • Present to groups about writing topics and the writing center as required.
  • Participate in professional development as provided, including weekly staff meetings.


Clerical staff support The Learning Commons day-to-day functions while operating the reception desk. Duties include, but are not limited to, answering phones, corresponding professionally via email, utilizing computers, collecting data, making copies, and general customer service. With any customer service job, required strengths include interpersonal skills, professionalism, problem solving, memory, consistency, detail-oriented, and adaptability.

Graduate Assistant

The Learning Commons employs several Graduate Assistants each academic year. Positions may change slightly from year-to-year. All positions are posted on the Graduate College website and include directions on how to apply for each position. Duties for GA positions in The Learning Commons are primarily administrative. Positions are posted on an annual basis, usually February - April.

Thank you for your interest in working within the Learning Commons.

The Learning Commons is currently accepting applications. 

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