IT Return to Campus Checklist

  1. Turn on AND login to all computers in your office.
    • There will likely be a number of system updates (requiring restarts) that will need to run automatically, but the system will need to be on and logged in for this to occur. Please restart your computer if necessary.
  2. Turn on printers and run a small test print.
    • If the printer doesn't immediately respond, please try restarting your computer before calling ITS.
  3. If you have a TV or digital sign in your area, please turn it on and confirm functionality.
  4. If you have a conference/seminar room that is used for classes, please contact ITS if it needs to be turned back on.
  5. Contact ITS prior to your return to campus to arrange for the return of ITS loaner laptops (if applicable) or to inquire about permanently switching to a laptop