ITS FY21 Expectations

On March 1, 2020 Information Technology Services (ITS) had 98 staff members; by January 1, 2021 ITS will have 82 staff members.  A reduction of 16 staff this fiscal year means that:  

ITS is Going Back to the Basics

1. “Reasonable and Best Effort”

As a result of the FY 2021 reduced staffing and funding levels, we cannot make commitments or promises for the delivery of services. ITS will convert to a service level of “reasonable and best effort”, using resources to deliver your requests or resolve issues as they become available.

2. No ASAP Projects

ITS will be doing away with the ASAP priority level and will utilize priority levels 1, 2 and 3, only. Any ASAP projects not completed by July 1, 2020, will be re-prioritized. Moving forward, projects classified as priority 2 and 3 will be given an “estimated delivery date” after the project begins.

3. Focus on University-Wide Solutions

We will focus our limited resources on technology used University-wide while eliminating duplicate and high-effort/low-return applications and systems. We may not be able to assume support for new technology that is specific to a department or college.

4. Reduction in Service Desk hours

The ITS Service Desk hours of operation have changed to ensure that our available staff can cover the highest volume times for University community members.  Please visit for more information.

5. ITS Priorities (in order) After July 1, 2020

A) Security (physical and virtual) of all equipment, applications, data and persons of BGSU.

B) Fixes, patches and updates on all application systems will be kept current and compliant in order to operate efficiently and effectively.

C) Elimination of duplicate or unnecessary equipment, systems or applications.

D) Efficiency projects to improve productivity or eliminate manual processes that have a favorable ROI

E) A “cloud first” replacement of current equipment, systems and applications with better or more affordable equipment, systems and applications.

F) New additional systems or applications will be considered as a LAST resort with no duplication of similar systems or applications currently purchased.

6. Suggestions

What are your suggestions to help us reduce IT costs or improve efficiency?