Webex is a powerful tool for working, teaching and learning remotely. Webex allows users to host, attend, collaborate on and record online meetings, conferences and events.

Webex 101 Online

This video will walk you through the basics of using Webex in Canvas, online, and through Outlook.

BGSU users have three different options for using Webex, they are:

  1. bgsu.webex.com (desktop, web, mobile)
    • For standard business and work-related meetings
  2. Webex via Canvas (CirQlive)
    • Instructors can schedule online lectures within Canvas that provide a direct access link for students, an archive for recording and attendance tracking.
  3. Webex Application
    • Windows plugin for Outlook that allows the user to schedule and launch meetings from within Outlook.
    • Be sure you have both the Webex Outlook plugin and Webex productivity tools installed in order to use this.