In the event of a disruption to normal campus operations, classroom instruction and/or other academic functions resulting from prolonged campus or building closure, it is important to understand the options available for working, teaching and learning off-campus. In being prepared for such situations, we can help to ensure that learning and work can continue uninterrupted.

Use this webpage as a guide to online communication technologies, alternative instruction options and other resources available to assist with academic continuity at BGSU.

Information Technology Services (ITS) recommends you have access to and have tested the functionality of the following equipment to ensure a quality remote experience:

  • Laptop/desktop computer
  • Microphone - many devices have built-in microphones and speakers, but some users may prefer to use an external device such as a USB or Bluetooth headset or microphone.
  • Webcam - many laptops have cameras built in, but desktop users will likely need to use an external USB webcam for video conferencing/instruction.
  • Internet

Please test the functionality of these devices in advance as you are able. If you do not have equipment at home to meet these standards, please consult with your supervisor.

BGSU Office Device Request Form

Remote Work Information

Information on resources available to BGSU faculty and staff while working off-campus.
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Remote Teaching Resources

Resources and information for academic continuity and teaching online at BGSU.
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Remote Learning Tips

Information and advice regarding online learning at BGSU.   View Webpage

Return to Campus Checklist

As faculty and staff begin returning to campus, there are several items they should be sure to complete to ensure their technology works appropriately including turning on and logging into the BGSU network on all devices.

Review IT Return to Campus Checklist

Remote Tools & Software

A working list of tools and software available to support working, teaching and learning remotely.

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Remote Technology Assistance  

Information Technology Service (ITS) is helping to coordinate requests for assistance with technology while working, teaching and learning remotely during the COVID-19 response and preparedness efforts.

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FY21 ITS Expectations

On March 1, 2020 ITS had 98 staff members; by January 1, 2021 ITS will have 82 staff members.  A reduction of 16 staff along with required furloughs equivalent to the additional loss of 4 full-time employees this fiscal year means that ITS is going 'Back to the Basics" and adjusting their expectations for FY21. 

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Return to Campus IT Updates

ITS is working hard to prepare for the fall return to campus and would like to share our progress!

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Remote Resources

Resources available to assist BGSU faculty and staff with conducting university business and/or teaching remotely.

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