Local Administrator Rights

Information Technology Services (ITS) recognizes the need for select users across campus to have administrative rights to their individual or department computers. The following guidelines are for administrative rights to Windows-based computer systems.

Gain Local Administrator Rights


  1. All systems on campus will have an ITS local administrator account active at all times.
  2. When possible, local administrator rights will be granted via a local user account and not to a domain account. The local account username format is "usernamelocal".
  3. The local administrator will not elevate any user's domain account credentials.
  4. Local administrator rights will be evaluated on a faculty or staff member’s primary job responsibilities.
  5. Administrative rights will be granted to:
    • Maintain system integrity
    • Run software that requires administrative rights
    • Modify only needed system settings


 Individuals that have been granted local administrator rights are responsible for the integrity of each computer. If a computer under the control of the local administrator is compromised with or without the loss of University data, granting additional accounts administrative rights, or unsecure computing, ITS reserves the right to remove the local administrator rights.