BGSU Server Upgrade

Over the next 18 months, ITS will be undertaking a project to upgrade all of our Linux servers that are used to host a large array of applications.  By performing these upgrades, ITS will be able to continue to provide uninterrupted support and maintain optimal security.

Application Upgrades & Server Interruptions

How does the Application Upgrade affect my area?

In general, the application and server upgrade requires testing from users as the application is upgraded. For some of the upgrades, there will be an outage during which the server and application will not be available. These details will be communicated with your area (as needed) prior to the upgrade to schedule testing and the outage period.

If you have not been contacted and would like to discuss any details, or if you have other questions/concerns regarding the anticipated upgrade dates, please email and a member of the project team will get back to you.

Server Upgrade Benefits

  • Enhanced core security
  • Uninterrupted server and application support
  • Gained efficiencies in future upgrades and rollouts of patches

Updated: 01/10/2023 04:28PM