Citrix Install

After you have received your account invitation and can successfully log in to Blackbaud University:

Mac Users

Submit a request to have the service desk install Citrix – you can access this request here, by calling 419-372-0999, or by chatting at

Windows Users

  1. Install Citrix via Windows Software Center.
    1. On your device, type Software Center in the search bar in the Windows Task View.
    2. Select Citrix from the available applications.
  2. Settings to configure during Citrix install:
    1. Enable Single Sign-on window: Do not enable single sign-on, leave this box unchecked and select Install.    
    2. Installation successful window: Do not select Add Account, select Finish.
    3. Add Account window: Do not select Add Account, select Close when prompted.

Once Citrix is installed on your device, you can begin training.

Begin Training

Updated: 10/11/2022 09:55AM