Securing the Human Training Modules

Below you will find a comprehensive list of the training modules available through the Securing the Human training program. We have broken these into two separate categories: Mandatory (for Faculty/Staff), and Also Recommended (we highly recommend viewing all of these modules).  Each module will have a brief quiz at the end made up of a few questions covering the content that was discussed.  In total, it will take approximately 40 minutes to watch the mandatory modules and complete the quizzes.


Module Name

You Are The Shield [1:02]

Browsing Safely [2:12]

Social Engineering [3:14]

Data Security [4:45]

Email and Phishing [3:56]

Cloud Services [2:28]

Passwords [3:45]

Module Name

Targeted Attacks [4:29]

Encryption [1:59]

Social Networks [2:08]

Physical Security [2:51]

Mobile Devices [2:55]

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) [3:13]

Hacked [2:14]