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To request an ITS Public Computing Facility for instructional purposes, enter the information requested in the appropriate fields. If you decide you would like to re-enter a particular item, click on that entry field, backspace over your input and the information. To start over from the beginning, click on the "Clear" button at the bottom of the form. When you are ready to send your request, click on the "Submit" button on the bottom.

NOTE: Sending as much of the requested information as possible will assist us in filling your request quickly and accurately.

If you are not current a staff, faculty, or student of the university, please review the Facility Rental Policy on our main Policy Page.

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If you have filled in all required fields before submitting this form, a copy of the email message with your reservation request will be displayed by the web browser. If the facility you requested is available, confirmation of your reservation will be sent to the person submitting this form within one work day following the request. If the area is already booked, the ITS Site Reservations Coordinator will contact you by phone or email to discuss alternatives.