Winter Session project completion

Winter Session project completeion graph

BGSU’s first Winter Session officially started January 2nd!  In order to accommodate the critical business process changes that adding a new session required, ITS collaborated with a variety of colleges and administrative departments.  The technical work was defined and tracked in an overall Winter Session program, which has been completed and officially closed.  All technical work, aside from one minor Winter Session report update, has been tested and completed.  A brief description of what was completed as part of this program is below:

  • End-to-End Testing – in order to ensure that all of the technical modifications made to BGSU processes work as intended, an end-to-end test of Winter Session processes was completed.
  • Winter Session Reporting – a handful of reporting needs were defined during this program and all changes have been made but one, slated to be completed in January.
  • Dining Services – updates were required to accommodate the appropriate administration and billing of dining plans over Winter Session.
  • Faculty Contracting – new terms, conditions, and processes were required to allow for electronic faculty contracting for Winter Session.
  • Graduate Contracting – updates were required to accommodate Graduate Assistant contracting over Winter Session, including the custom contracting application and HCM.
  • Recreation and Wellness – technical updates were required to determine what students are eligible for, and which students will be systematically assigned a Winter Session Rec Center pass.
  • Student Finance – updates were required to the calculation of charges and billing processes.
  • Student Financial Aid – updates to the financial aid disbursement date configuration were required to allow proper communication to students and display session enrollment prominently for back office use.
  • Student Records – setup and configuration of new session codes, modifications to Self Service, and new email processes to effectively communicate the session changes.

This was a substantial, cross-functional effort for all parties involved.  The Winter Session program defined and tracked nine large technical updates required for BGSU’s Winter Session.  The updates made as part of this process will ensure that Winter Session operates as desired for this new session for years to come.

If any issues or concerns have been raised related to changes or requirements for Winter Session, please contact ITS to communicate those needs!