2020 Winter Session

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Faculty-Led Education Abroad Programs


Marine & Aquatic Sciences in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

Curacao, Netherlands Antilles
7-day experience in January 2020

This course will explore the reefs, biology, and culture of Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. Students will have the opportunity to have discussions with various scientists including those at the Caribbean Research and Management of Biodiversity (CARMABI), Curacao Sea Aquarium, Coral Restoration Foundation, and Dolphin Academy.
Activities include one or two scuba/snorkel reef surveys per day.

BGSU EDTL 4900/6800:

Cultural and Mathematics in Thailand

Multiple cities including Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Ayutthaya, and more
January 2-23, 2020

Students will visit Thailand and learn through firsthand experience about its Culture and Learning systems. The course focuses on learning about culture and the mathematics education of K-12 students in Thailand.


Greece and the Ancient World

Athens & The Peloponnese, Greece
January 6-20, 2020

Students will develop an on-the-ground appreciation for the chronological development of ancient Greek culture through centuries of art, architecture and archaeological sites.

BGSU EDTL 4900/6800:

Spanish Wonderment

Madrid, Toledo, Oviedo and various other cities in Spain
January 2-17, 2020

This course is designed to equip students with intercultural skills and knowledge to be successful global citizens and informed educators. This experience will allow students to compare educational systems, and to enhance their knowledge of the Spanish culture.

BGSU COMM 4060/MC 5870/HIST 4950/5820 HNRS 4000:

Cultural Studies in Costa Rica

Central and Southern Pacific, Costa Rica
January 8-18, 2020

This course explores cultural, ethnic, and national identity in Costa Rica. Topics include Costa Rica’s commitments to peace, environmental sustainability, and biodiversity; Costa Rica’s role in international, economic and political affairs; and historical and contemporary studies of regional and national media in the country. Highlights of the course include travel to environmental, cultural, and historical sites in the Central and Southern Pacific coasts, with opportunities to explore Costa Rica’s amazing mountains, beaches, volcanoes, and rainforests.

BGSU PHIL 3400 or ENVS 4930:

Environmental and Cultural Exploration in New Zealand

Wellington & various locations in New Zealand’s South Island
January 1-23, 2020

Students will travel to New Zealand, explore environmental issues including sustainability, species preservation, and green development; observe New Zealand’s bird and marine life; participate in a major restoration project in the high country of Central Otago; stay on a Maori marae, and experience the unique culture of New Zealand.

BGSU EDTL 4900/6800:

A Country Committed to Ecology & Education

Arenal, Jaco, Monteverde and San Jose, Costa Rica
January 8-18, 2020

Students will immerse themselves in ecological learning and conservation, and will soak in the Spanish influenced culture of the country’s capital, San Jose. A visit will be made to a local school near Montverde. A stay in Jaco allows students to be close to exuberant wildlife and dense rain forests, and in Arenal students will learn the secrets of one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

BGSU MUCT 3950/6860:

Global Music and Culture

Varanasi, India
January 7-23, 2020

Students will learn the basics of North classical music and dance and the ways in which music is embedded within North Indian socio-cultural practices.
In the city of Varanasi, students will participate in daily music lessons and attend performances, and enjoy visits to instrument makers, historical and archeological sites, local universities, and museums.
No musical experience is necessary.

BGSU EXSC 3950/HMSL 6800 or EDIS 4900/6840:

London: Journey Through a Changing Culture

London, England
January 8-21, 2020

Learn and experience culture in England by examining a country that embraces change while maintaining traditions. Educational sessions, guided tours and experiences from a variety of perspectives (e.g., structures, history, nature/sustainability) will provide an opportunity to examine similarities and differences between the U.S. and England.

BGSU MUCT 2360 or MUCT 3950 or MUCT 5860:

Music and Healing in Morocco

Fez, Meknes and Marrakech, Morocco
January 3-21, 2020

Students will explore the depth of contemporary healing practices in contemporary Morocco, especially those based around music, dance, and sacred ritual.


Architecture and Design Travel Course

 San Jose Del Cabo, Costa Del Sol, and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
January 5-23, 2020

Students will travel to the resort region of southern Baja Mexico to tour a variety of resorts and meet with resort administrators and staff who will discuss their respective resorts design and layout.  Students will gain insight into resort operations, how design responds to functional requirements, and how strategies in design and operation address issues related to resource consumption, the environment, and sustainability.

BGSU MKT 4550:

International Marketing in Vienna and Prague

Prague, Czech Republic and Vienna, Austria
January 2-10 (online) January 11-23, 2020 (abroad experience)

Students will interact with marketing professionals from four different international companies and gain practical experience working on a case. They will also explore the rich cultures of Prague and Vienna.

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