Preparing for the Fall 2022 Re-Affirmation of Accreditation Visit

HLC/BGSU Marketing plan

It is important that our entire community of faculty, students, staff and board members are engaged in the process and prepared for the HLC visit.

With feedback from ASC members, we have developed an accreditation marketing plan and will be updating this webpage with announcements, news, and other accreditation-related events as they roll out all the way to October 17-18, 2022. Inspired by the Falcons, our accreditation marketing theme is: “Let’s Fly Accreditation Forward”.


Faculty, staff and students can learn more about our 10-year accreditation process and each of the criteria the Higher Learning Commission will be evaluating by watching these short, easy-to-understand videos.

What is accreditation?

Accreditation Criteria 1 & 2

Mission + Integrity, Ethical and Responsible Conduct

Watch Here

Accreditation Criteria 3 & 4

Teaching and Learning - Quality, Resources and Support + Evaluation and Improvement

Watch Here

Accreditation Criterion 5

Institutional Effectiveness, Resources and Planning

Watch Here

Accreditation Newsletter

We will be sending regular HLC newsletters and updates leading up to the HLC visit in October 2022. These newsletters will provide information to help students, faculty and staff understand the HLC process and each criterion used to evaluate BGSU. Newsletters publication reminders will be sent via Campus Updates and will be posted on this web location.

View Fall 2021 Accreditation Newsletter

View Spring 2022 Accreditation Newsletter

Student Opinion Survey Almost Here!!

Dear BGSU Students:

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) is the institutional accreditor of BGSU.  To remain accredited with HLC, BGSU must undergo a comprehensive evaluation every ten year.  BGSU staff is developing the reports for this evaluation which will culminate with an on-site peer review visit October 17-18, 2022As part of the comprehensive evaluation, the HLC conducts an online survey of BGSU’s student body. The survey is intended to give students an opportunity to participate in the evaluation process and to help peer reviewers identify questions they might ask while on site.

On April 4th, 2022, you will receive an email invitation to participate in this short survey. You will have until April 13th, 2022 to complete it. The answers on this survey are anonymous. Unless you include identifying information in your comments, the HLC and BGSU will not have access to your identity. Your participation is completely voluntary. The results of the survey will be available for the peer reviewers and BGSU administration September 2022.

Mark your calendar and don’t forget to check your email on April 4th!

hand filling out form with pen on a desk 

Students, Faculty, and Staff Open Forum Sample Questions

Below are sample questions the Review Team may ask at Open Forum during their visit. We provide them to help respective groups prepare.

"What do you know about accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission?"

"What is BGSU’s mission? Tell me what you know about its strategic plan, Forward? What are BGSU’s core values?"

"Why did you choose to enroll at BGSU? Have your expectations been met? What is it like to be a student at BGSU?"

"What do you think is special or what stands out to you about a BGSU education?"

"Would you recommend BGSU to other students? Why?"

"What do you like best about BGSU? What would you change if you could?"

"Have you experienced any problems getting the courses you need in a timely manner?"

"Describe your experiences with academic advising."

"How have you experienced diversity at BGSU?"

"Do you know where to go for help with the following? (a) academic support; (b) career planning; (c) personal counseling; (e) making a complaint; (f) technology support."

"Do you use any of the following: library, tutoring services, dining services, the health center, recreational facilities? If yes, what has been your experience?"

"Are you able to estimate your bill each semester or are you surprised when you receive it?"

"How is the relationship between students and faculty?"

"Describe your experience with General Education at BGSU. What have you gained from BGSU’s student learning outcomes?"

"What opportunities do you have to conduct research? Does BGSU have policies and procedures in place to address ethical conduct in research for students?"

"Tell us about programming that happens outside of academic departments where you have learned something."

"What opportunities do you have to interact with people and cultures different from your own?"

"What opportunities do you have to gain real world experience related to your educational and career goals?"

"If you transferred in credits, what was the experience like for you?"

"Do you think BGSU is clear in its communication with students about topics such as financial aid, student conduct, costs, and graduation requirements? What improvements would you recommend?"

"Have you been involved with any campus activities or with the Student Government Association? If so, what has been your experience?"

"Have you been asked to provide input into proposed tuition increases?"

"Are academic programs relevant and current? Are your courses been taught by qualified faculty or mostly adjuncts/GAs?"

"Are the computer software systems helpful in assisting students with registration? With advising? With knowledge of campus events? Do you find BGSU’s website accurate? Helpful?"

"What kind of changes are happening at BGSU? Do you find BGSU to respond well to challenges to meet your needs first and foremost?"

What do you know about HLC accreditation and have you seen or read the Assurance Argument?

How would you describe BGSU’s mission? Do you know where you would find the official statement? What are BGSU’s core values? Do you find BGSU’s marketing materials accurate and up-to-date?

What are BGSU’s greatest strengths and accomplishments?

What are the biggest challenges facing BGSU? How about challenges specific to your department/college?

Do you know where to find information about academic integrity and policies regarding academic misconduct?

Describe any campus processes that could be improved or made more efficient.

What kind of changes are taking place at BGSU? Do you see these as positive or not?

How is morale on campus? In your department? How are faculty involved in setting campus culture/morale?

Can you describe the rank and promotion process? What is your impression of the process?

Talk about shared governance and how you participate in decision-making at different levels of the university (department, college, institution).

What is the vision of your department? How does it relate to the university’s vision? What are your plans to contribute to it?

How would you describe the relationship between faculty and administration? What works and what needs improvement?

What resources are available to support faculty (e.g., library, internal or external grant support, faculty development, travel, etc.)? Are these sufficient in meeting faculty needs?

Is your department actively involved in assessing student learning? How has your department used its assessment findings?

How do you ensure that all classes – online, blended, off-campus, dual credit – have the same student learning outcomes and equivalent assessments?

Are you involved in research? How does the university’s focus on research further its mission?

How does BGSU support students who are underprepared or struggling?

How does BGSU support the community at large?

For some common faculty issues (workload, salary, sabbatical leaves, etc.), what works well and what needs to be improved?

How have BGSU administrators established a culture of trust within the university?

What is the process for making curriculum changes in your academic programs? Who is responsible for academic policy creation/modification?

Are you familiar with the institutional learning outcomes? What are they? How are they assessed?

Does your department offer courses or programs via distance education? If so, how does your department ensure the quality of the curriculum?

Does BGSU provide sufficient technology support? Do you feel you are technology savvy enough to teach online? Does BGSU provide enough support for the development of online courses?

Are facilities appropriately maintained at BGSU? Describe your experience with classrooms and labs.

What opportunities do students in your program have to gain experience with research? With community or civic engagement? With diversity or multiculturalism?

How would you characterize the relationship between faculty and administration?

How have you been involved with co-curricular experiences? Academic advising? Are these services relevant and sufficient?

What opportunities do you have for professional development?

Does BGSU have a commitment to retention and progression to graduation? How successful have the efforts been?

What challenges do you believe BGSU will need to deal with in the next 10 years?

"What motivates you in working at BGSU?"

"How does your department support the mission of the university? How would you describe BGSU’s mission?"

"What do you know about the Higher Learning Commission?"

"What is it like working at BGSU? What are BGSU’s greatest strengths?"

"How is morale on campus?"

"How about challenges specific to your department/unit?"

"What opportunities do you have for professional development? Are staff members treated equitably in their access to these opportunities?"

"How would you describe the shared governance process at BGSU?"

"How are staff involved in campus decision-making processes? Do you think that staff have sufficient input into decisions that affect them?"

"How would you describe the relationship between staff and administration? What works and what needs improvement?"

"How are staff evaluated at BGSU? What is your impression of the evaluation process?"

"What kind of changes are taking place at BGSU? Do you see these as positive or not? Are these changes clearly and transparently communicated to the community?"

"Describe any campus processes that could be improved or made more efficient."

"Do you understand the FERPA policy?"

"Does BGSU have academic and financial requirements which are presented clearly and completely to students and the public?"

"Does BGSU provide sufficient technology support?"

"Are facilities appropriately maintained at BGSU?"

"How do departments across campuses work collaboratively? What works well and what could be improved?"

"Do you feel that the work you do is valued by administration? Faculty? Other staff members? Students?"

"What are the biggest resource challenges at BGSU?"

"Are you well supported to exceed in your job?"

"What challenges do you believe BGSU will need to deal with in the next 10 years?"

Accreditation 101: Bridge Course

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) has developed a Bridge course intended to provide a global understanding of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC)'s Accreditation Criteria and Evidence and their implications for BGSU in preparing for its Fall 2022 re-affirmation of accreditation comprehensive visit. It covers key accreditation topics, processes and pitfalls, serves to address frequently asked questions, and provides self-paced accreditation knowledge evaluation. A desired outcome for this course is that it equips learners with adequate accreditation proficiency should they choose to interface with the HLC reviewers during the visit. The course is subject to Single Sign On (SSO) access. To begin the course, click here.

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