Ice Arena Parking

Attention Ice Arena Customers:

Home football games are scheduled:

Check back for the 2018-2019 season
Kickoff time: TBA

Traffic and parking lot patterns are different on football game days.  Please also expect an increase in traffic the closer it gets to kickoff.

On football game days:
  • The only entry to the Ice Arena parking lot (Lot 10) is from the Stadium Drive entrance. Stadium Drive is accessible from Mercer; the entrance to Lot 10 is on the north side of the parking lot (red circle is on the map).
  • If a parking attendant greats you at the entrance, explain that you are coming to an Ice Arena activity and they will direct you to the correct area to park, no charge.
  • Please only park in the designated area for Ice Arena customers - the blue box (south end of the lot) directly in front of the Ice Arena main entry doors.


Ice Arena Parking_Football Game Day_9.2016