Amber & Alissa Czisny

Amber and Alissa Czisny began ice skating at the age of one and a half when the twins decided they would rather accompany their mother to the ice skating rink than stay home with the babysitter. Both Amber and Alissa trained numerous coaches in Bowling Green and began with Julianne Berlin at the age of eleven. Eventually the twins decided to take different paths, Alissa continued competitive singles skating and Amber focused on ice dancing and teaching.

Alissa Czisny

Recently Alissa placed fifth at the World Figure Skating Championships. On January 29 Alissa placed first at the U.S. Figure Skating Championship making her the U.S. Figure Skating National Champion. Alissa also won the championship in 2009.

Alissa caught the world's attention in 2005 when she won the 2005 Skate Canada International and placed second at the 2005 Skate America. Highlights from Alissa's career include winning bronze at the 2007 United States Figure Skating Championships, placing third at the 2008 Skate Canada International, finishing first at the 2009 United States Figure Skating Championships, placing ninth at the Four Continents Figure Skating Championships, finishing eleventh at the World Figure Skating Championships, placing fourth at the 2009 Rostelecom Cup, and winning the silver medal at the 2009 Skate Canada International. After coming in tenth at the 2010 United States Figure Skating Championships, Alissa left coach Julianne Berlin and announced her coaches as Yuka Sato and Jason Dungjen. Alissa began the 2010-2011 season by winning gold at the 2010 Skate Canada International and winning the Midwestern Sectionals. At the 2011 U.S. Championships, Alissa won gold with a combined total of 191.24 points.

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