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In an effort to simplify the hiring process, the Office of Human Resources has implemented a new on-line employment application process.  Image Trend’s HireTouch is a web-based applicant tracking and workflow management system that will allow BGSU to easily post positions online and effectively track candidates throughout the entire hiring process.   Below are  Job Aids to help hiring departments through the process. If you have questions or need assistance, please call the Office of the Provost at 419-372-2915.

Diversity Question Included In Interview Process

As of May 1, 2022, we have ended the pilot of applicants for faculty and staff positions submitting a response to a prompt for their application to be complete. This means that the Division of Diversity and Belonging staff will no longer assess candidates using the diversity statement rubric. In place of the written submissions, we ask all search committees to select one of the five questions to ask during the initial or on-campus interviews. Options include:

1.       How have you incorporated equity, diversity and/or inclusion into your current or a previous position?

2.       Is there a way you envision diversity and inclusion playing a role in this position? Please explain your answer.

3.       Reflect on a time when you advocated for something related to equity, diversity and/or inclusion.

4.       How do you engage with equity, diversity and/or inclusion in the work setting?

5.       How do you engage others in equity, diversity and/or inclusion work?

By moving away from the diversity statement submitted during the application process, to having a choice of focused questions asked of only applicants who advance to the interview stage, committees will now be able to use the response as a tool to evaluate candidates. The diversity statement rubric will remain available as a guide for committees until a reformatted rubric is adapted in the fall. The reformatted rubric will continue to maintain viewpoint neutrality of the evaluator.

BGSU Diversity Statement Competency Rubric

Department Support and Hiring Manager, Department Chair or School Director

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