BGSU Hiring Guidelines & Toolkits (HireTouch)

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  • Review the job duties to validate they are written for the needs of the department.  For a copy of the most recent Job Analysis Questionnaire, please contact the compensation Analyst.  For validation of the classification, contact the Employment/Employee Relations Specialist.   
  • Obtain the position number and pay grade for the position through the employment area of Human Resources.
  • Validate if a search committee is required for the position to be posted.  Classified positions with a grade 27 or higher and Administrative positions with a grade 358 or higher require search committees.
  • All search committees are to be made up of 3 or more members (should be odd number of members) and must consist of diverse members. This diversity can be reflected through underrepresented groups and must include gender, racial and ethnic minorities. Diverse representation ensures that different perspectives are considered. 
  • You may also appoint representatives from outside the hiring unit to serve on the search committee to satisfy this requirement.
  • Bowling Green State University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Educator and Employer.  We are committed to providing consistent, fair, and equitable opportunities for all applicants.  
  • As part of our commitment, it is important for search committee members to complete the Search Committee Training prior to participating on a search committee and annually thereafter when serving on additional search committees.
  • Search Committee training can be requested by emailing or visit the Division of Diversity and Belonging web site to review various workshops Diversity and Belonging offers, which includes the search committee training  
  • HR reviews the recruitment outlets / publications to ensure that the University casts as broad of a net as possible. This allows news of our job openings to receive a wide distribution.
  • For Administrative Staff positions, there are rare circumstances in which a position can be posted internal only.  To request authorization, please complete the Administrative Staff Internal Posting Only Form and submit it to the Office of Human Resources for consideration.
  • Open Until Filled Recruitment Option:

Open until filled means that the vacancy does not have a closing date and that applications will be reviewed until the position is filled.  This option could be recommended for specialized or hard to fill positions and would have a maximum hiring process of six months (from posted to hired).

  • When ads refer to "experience" it is referring to professional non-student employment experience.
  • Experience as a Graduate Assistant does not count as professional experience.
  • Experience as an Undergraduate or Graduate Intern does not count as professional experience.
  • The minimum experience requirement stipulated in the JAQ and ad assumes that the experience is professional unless it (the JAQ) explicitly indicates that the experience can be student-based.  
  • With regards to supervisory experience, supervision of student positions and professional positions all count equally.
  • It is important for search committees to treat internal applicants exactly the same as all other applicants.
  • All applicants are to be extended the same standard. This is to ensure a fair and equitable opportunity for all candidates.
  • Internal applicants should be sent the same correspondence, require the same application materials, undergo the same credential review, follow the same process in the interview, and be given the same deliberate attention to their references.
  • It is very important that every applicant have the same kinds of privileges and opportunities throughout this process.
  • For Administrative Staff positions, there are rare circumstances in which a position can be posted internal only.  To request authorization, please complete the Administrative Staff Internal Posting Only Form.
  • For Classified Staff positions, please note that internal applicants applying during the internal only posting period are required to be offered an in-person interview if they meet the minimum requirements of the position posted.
  • OFCCP Internal Applicant Record Keeping Rule

As of May 1, 2022, we have ended the pilot of applicants for faculty and staff positions submitting a response to a prompt for their application to be complete. This means that the Division of Diversity and Belonging staff will no longer assess candidates using the diversity statement rubric. In place of the written submissions, we ask all search committees to select one of the five questions to ask during the initial or on-campus interviews. Options include:

  1. How have you incorporated equity, diversity and/or inclusion into your current or a previous position?
  2. Is there a way you envision diversity and inclusion playing a role in this position? Please explain your answer.
  3. Reflect on a time when you advocated for something related to equity, diversity and/or inclusion.
  4. How do you engage with equity, diversity and/or inclusion in the work setting?
  5. How do you engage others in equity, diversity and/or inclusion work?

By moving away from the diversity statement submitted during the application process, to having a choice of focused questions asked of only applicants who advance to the interview stage, committees will now be able to use the response as a tool to evaluate candidates. The diversity statement rubric will remain available as a guide for committees until a reformatted rubric is adapted in the fall. The reformatted rubric will continue to maintain viewpoint neutrality of the evaluator.

BGSU Diversity Statement Competency Rubric


  • HR will review the open position request to make sure the language used promotes open and broad-based searches to help us achieve the most diverse applicant pool.
  • All minimum requirements used to post a position need to be measurable to allow for consistent consideration of applicants.
  • Every open position request must have a close date.
  • Applicant resumes are permitted to be reviewed throughout the posting period, however applicants should not be contacted at this time.
  • Any pre-screening or telephone interviews can be conducted by the search committee prior to HR involvement but after the posting deadline.
  • Skype or other online interviewing is not permitted at the pre-screening stage, unless prior permission is granted by OHR in limited specific situations.
  • BGSU Students are eligible to apply for Staff positions.
  • The written rationale for bringing each candidate to campus must be uploaded into HireTouch to support the Request to Interview. All candidates must meet the minimum requirements.
  • HR works to ensure that qualified underrepresented applicants are given full and fair consideration.
  • The use of Skype or other online tools should not be used without special approval from HR.
  • A Hiring Rationale Memorandum must be written to support the hiring of the selected candidate.  This must outline strengths and weaknesses of all candidates that completed on campus interviews.
  • The Applicant Selection Form must also be completed in the HireTouch to begin the approval process.
  • HR verifies that the person offered the job was actually an applicant, meets the minimum qualifications as posted, and is represented on the Request to Interview.
  • HR confirms an appropriate rationale indicating why this candidate was selected over the other interviewed candidates.
  • Once the Applicant Selection Form has been approved by all required areas, the background check is started.
  • Offers should not be made until the background check is complete and approved.
  • Classified Staff positions offers are made by the Office of Human Resources.
  • Administrative Staff position offers are made by the Hiring Manager.
  • If a position offer is declined, or the area has a vacancy with the exact same job and requirements, the candidate pool may be used for 90 days from the date the position was closed.  In the latter case, it should be discussed with OHR Employment for further direction.

Updated: 01/26/2023 03:06PM