BGSU supports a market-based salary structure.  This structure consists of grades with appropriate salary ranges with a defined minimum and maximum rate of pay.  BGSU intends to pay all staff within the existing salary grades.

In determining the appropriate grades for BGSU positions, HR takes into account external market pay, skills and competencies required to perform the work, complexity, and scope of responsibility.  This ensures compensation is appropriately calibrated to market.  Both internal equity and external competitiveness are considered and applied through a consistent methodology to make decisions across all positions.

The salary structure is reviewed regularly to determine if adjustment is needed.  Typically, any warranted adjustments are made at the time of any annual increase.  When appropriate, BGSU may market-price one or more positions on an ad-hoc basis.  This helps determine if external labor pressures warrant increasing the current grade assignments or individual pay levels.

Based on budget and other considerations, BGSU participates in local and national salary surveys on a regular, ongoing basis through third party reputable surveys.