Sean Oros

Sean Oros

Hello! My name is Sean Oros, the Assistant Director of the Honors Learning Community (HLC) and an Honors advisor for anyone in the Schmidthorst College of Business or in the College of Technology, Architecture, and Applied Engineering.  I enjoy working with the whole Honors community, but especially those that I get to work directly with in the HLC.

Previously, I worked at my alma mater, a small liberal arts school named Thiel College, in much the same capacity as I currently serve at BGSU.  I graduated from Thiel with a double major in English and history, and next went on for an M.A. in history from University of Chicago, graduating in 2017. 

Coming from a private and liberal arts university background, I’m highly impressed with the intentional commitment to giving attention to individual students at BGSU in general, but particularly in the Honors College.  In many ways it still feels like I’m working for a small school community instead of a larger state school.

When not at work, I spend time with my fiancé, Courtney.  We’ve both dedicatedly kept up on every new Marvel movie release, though I also enjoy hiking, delving further into any number of different historical interests, or working on my own creative writing projects and schemes.

I’m more than happy to help with any questions you may have, or even just to chat.  You can always reach me my email,, or even just swing by my office right by the entrance in the Honors office.  I’m always happy to talk!