2016-17 Recipients

Andrea Danziger is a senior from Mason, Ohio with a double major in Political Science and German.  This summer she will be doing an internship with the Consulate in Munich, before travelling to Salzburg, Austria where she will spend the 2016-2017 academic year.  Andrea will then conduct research in Berlin where she will study the East/West phenomenon and the role reunification plays in the Syrian Refugee Crisis.  She will do a comparative analysis of the German perception and asylum processes between the U.S. Germany.  Her mentor is Dr. Stefan Fritsch, an assistant professor of Political Science.

Andrea Danziger

Lillian Rose King is a sophomore from Toledo, Ohio majoring in creative writing.  In the spring she will be participating the BGSU program at Keele University where she will study History and Literature.  For her creative project, Lillian will travel to various sites and former homes of her “favorite historical figure,” Marquis de Lafayette.  Her travels will take her to locations such as London, Paris, Auvergne, and the Czech Republic.  She will observe and document the landscape of these settings and as a final product create short stories about and taking place in these locations from the life and time of Marquis de Lafayette.  Her mentor is Larissa Szporluk Celli an associate professor in the English department.

Lillian King

Wing Sze Liu is a junior originally from China, now living in Tipp City, Ohio majoring in three-dimensional studies.  This fall she is participating in the BGSU program in Salzburg, Austria.  For her creative project, she will serve as an intern in an art gallery in Berlin.  This professional internship which will require to learn a fourth language (German) and apply that knowledge by interacting with public, gallerists, curators, & dealers in Berlin all the while having to acquire new knowledge of artists and art practices that are unfamiliar.  Her mentor is Leigh-Ann Pahapill an assistant professor in the school of art.


Lilian Grace Murnen is senior environmental science major from Bowling Green, Ohio.  She will be studying this fall semester in China at Hunan Normal.  For her creative project, Lilian will use photography and photovoice to communicate the huge demographic issue of an aging population facing the country of China.  Her mentor is senior lecturer, Holly Myers in the department of environment and sustainability.

Lilian Murnen

Leslie “Michaela” Schrum is a sophomore international studies major from Dayton, Ohio.  This fall she will be studying Arabic in Meknes, Morocco, before traveling to Nablus, West Bank, Israel.  While in Nablus, she will volunteer with Project HOPE, providing English language instruction.  While serving with Project HOPE, she hopes to gain more insight into the Palestine/Israel conflict and participate in peace initiatives.  Her mentor is Dr. Catherine Cassara an associate professor in the department of journalism and public relations.

Michaela Schrum

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