2015-16 Recipients


William-Lee Bosch is a junior from Bowling Green majoring in film studies.  This fall he is participating in the BGSU program in Salzburg, Austria.  He will research and document differences between German/Austrian and American film industries’ production processes and how each one represents different world perspectives to society.  Bosch also plans to make a documentary of his own about how common movie themes like sex and drugs are portrayed in both cultures.  He is visiting many film museums and festivals to research what documentary themes are popular and which are emerging.  His product will be a short documentary film showing the opinions of European and American students.  His mentor is Dr. Edgar Landgraf, an associate professor of German.

Daniel Gerken is a senior Honors College student from Napoleon, Ohio.  In the spring he will participate in BGSU’s exchange program at Aberystwyth University in Wales.  To complement his major in film production, Daniel will create a short documentary film about the music scene in Cardiff, Wales.  More than 20 local music venues and individual bands have agreed to participate.  The project will allow him to hone his technical, creative and organizational abilities.  His mentor is Lucas Ostrowski, an assistant professor in the Department of Theatre and Film.

Emily Matthews is a junior from Beachwood, NJ, majoring in international studies and health promotion.  She will study abroad in the spring through the School for International Training program “Public Health, Policy Advocacy, and Community” in New Delhi, India.  In Ohio she is a yoga instructor who is interested in yoga therapy.  Matthews will spend time learning about healing trauma through yoga and stress management, as well as yoga for the digestive and respiratory systems.  One of her goals is trying to find ways to make the technical aspects of yoga therapy understandable and accessible to people who do not know much about it.  Her mentor is Amanda McGuire Rzicznek, a general studies writing lecturer and local yoga instructor.

Jennifer Wohlgamuch, a junior from Zanesville, Ohio, is majoring in international studies.  She will study abroad this spring in Salzburg, Austria.  Her project will include both an internship and research.  She plans to intern in a German travel agency to learn about how Europeans view travel and how they use travel resources.  Then she will visit both Croatia and Slovakia, two emerging tourist destinations.  Jennifer is interested in discovering ways to present travel information to students who are looking for an authentic experience abroad, so she will be researching technical aspects of delivering travel information through a variety of media such as websites and blogs.  She plans to work in the travel industry as her career.  Prof. Landgraf is also her mentor.

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