About Honors Scholars

Honors Scholars, formally known at IMPACT, began 17 years ago with the observation that University students who are interested in reading books, sharing ideas, and discussing the content of their classes had only limited opportunities to fulfill these desires. 

In the fall of 2001, a dedicated group of students and faculty provided a solution with the creation of the IMPACT Learning Community—a place where students of all majors could join together to share the thrill of life-long learning.  Honors Scholars is for those who wondered whether there is an accepting, nurturing environment on campus for those who want to improve mentally at a much faster clip than is encouraged in typical college classrooms.

Here in Honors Scholars, we are committed to read broadly, enrich our beliefs, and build the habit of lifelong learning into our academic and everyday lives.  Toward that end, we encourage one another to develop intellectual abilities, to share information and ideas that they have learned, to construct arguments, and to provide constructive criticism of these activities. 

Taking Honors Scholars classes and participating in discussions along with all the other activities Honors Scholars members take part in, results in members developing an increased ability to evaluate and discuss arguments.  An additional advantage is the effect these activities and skills have in preparing Honors Scholars members to obtain admission at top-level schools after they leave BGSU and to qualify for highly competitive jobs.