First Year Welcome


As a first year member of the Honors Learning Community (HLC), you will be required to participate in an important and fun filled orientation program designed to help you discover new friendships and all that the HLC has to offer.  

We want you to make the most out of the trips, programs, and resources available to you as a member of the HLC. Because the orientation takes place prior to the start of fall semester classes, you will be allowed to move into your residence hall room earlier than non-members. This is advantageous for first year students who wish to be oriented more slowly with the campus and first year HLC cohort.

Incoming first year students will move in several days before the start of the academic year. In addition to the Honors Learning Community orientation program, you will also participate in a mandatory campus orientation and an Honors College orientation (if you are a member of the Honors College).

There is no cost to you for your participation in the HLC orientation or for moving in early. Some meals are even included!!

Each year the schedule varies slightly, but it includes HLC, Honors College, and Residence Life meetings. Please contact the Director of the Honors Learning Community at 419-372-8504 or at for more information.

Upperclass students are not required to participate in this orientation program but are encouraged to serve as Opening Weekend Group Leaders (OWGLs). OWGLs enjoy the opportunity to move in early, participate in leadership development training, and help first year students move in and transition to college.