Enroll in the HLC

The Office of Residence Life will mail incoming first year students detailed information in the spring on selecting housing online and choosing learning communities.  Enroll in the Honors Learning Community through the MyBGSU portal.  

As an incoming freshman, if you are in the process of applying to the Honors College, please do not wait for acceptance into the College to sign up for the Honors Learning Community. Those accepted into the Honors College will be given priority and immediate enrolled in the HLC. Those who are not admitted to the Honors College will be admitted to the HLC as long as space is available.

Returning students can choose their preferred room during Returning Student Housing Sign up Process during the Spring semester.

So, to sign up for the Honors Learning Community, you will need to access the web portal. It is necessary for HLC members to live in Founders Hall and to be a member of the Honors College. Because of this you must enroll in the Honors Learning Community and sign up for campus housing in separate steps.

Steps for Enrolling to Honors Learning Community (HLC) a an incoming, first year student

  1. Go to the Residence Life Communities
  2. Click on the enroll link
  3. Enter your BGSU Username and Password.
  4. Click ‘Add a New Community Enrollment Request’ button.
  5. Select ‘Honors Learning Community’ and the proper Academic term from the dropdown menus and click "OK."
  6. Once you have requested enrollment into the community, please ensure that you have taken the proper steps to preference (New Students) or sign up for housing (Returning students wishing to live on campus).
  7. If you haven't already done so, please also submit your Honors College Application here.