Where this Falcon Flew: Jessie Minard

Jessie Minard and Her Path to Changing Lives

In 2013, Jessie Minard graduated from Bowling Green State University obtaining a degree in Special Education. Teaching was a passion that Jessie always knew she had. During her time in high school, she was able to have field placements in four different classroom settings. During this time, she found that she liked the placement with an Intervention Specialist the best.

While the field placements were beneficial, Jessie also says that helping those with disabilities has always been something she wanted to do. She grew up with a cousin who had autism and her Aunt and Uncle were large advocates within the disability community.

Jessie says her, “experience of attempting to implement and create something new while in college helped me better prepare me for how to go about that process at my own school.”During her time at Bowling Green, Jessie continued her advocacy of inclusive environments for all students. Her Honors Project was a proposal for an inclusive learning community on campus. This project became so much larger when she graduated. With the help of the Ray of Hope Award as well as the Voya Unsung Heroes grant, Jessie created an inclusive sports program called ‘Project Unify’ at the high school where she teaches. According to its website, the Voya Unsung Heroes grant is given to, “K-12 educators utilizing new teaching methods and techniques that improve learning.” Jessie says her, “experience of attempting to implement and create something new while in college helped me better prepare me for how to go about that process at my own school.”

Today, working as an Intervention Specialist, Jessie says that she enjoys the challenge of helping students, particularly students who face additional difficulties, find success. Working as an Intervention Specialist, she has the opportunity to talk to her older students about their future goals and to help them plan out the steps they need to take to achieve these goals.

Jessie believes the Honors College helped to shape her intellectual curiosity, but along with the academic side of things, the Honors College also gave her some amazing memories that included attending trips, watching plays, and taking seminar classes. She also thanks the opportunity to work with and learn from some incredible staff members for some of her successes. One professor in particular is Dr. Heath Diehl, and Jessie says that she strives to implement many of his approaches in her own classroom.

            For students interested in a similar career, Jessie advises seeking as many different opportunities working with students with special needs as much as possible. While she had the opportunity to work at an inclusive overnight summer camp, she also believes working with Special Olympics or other similar programs are very valuable to the success of those with goals similar to hers.

            Overall, though, Jessie advises all students to find what they are passionate about and how to use their unique talents to help others. She believes college is a great time to discover oneself and to determine how to make an impact in the lives of those around you as well as the community as a whole.

Updated: 08/07/2019 03:37PM