Where this Falcon Flew: Cameron Friedman


Cameron Friedman

By: Alyissa Horn '22

Where do you see Bowling Green State University taking you? What are your goals and aspirations? How can WE help you achieve them? These are the questions that many incoming first-year students are likely asking themselves. That is why our next story is about an alumnus who isn’t quite an alumnus yet. Rather, he still has a few more days as a student until he walks across the stage in the Stroh Center and receives his diploma. This week, Cameron Friedman will begin his journey as a BGSU alumnus, but we wanted to tell his story about his journey to belonging, going far, and standing out.

Four years ago, Cameron Friedman stepped onto BGSU’s campus as an Alumni Laureate Scholar. The Alumni Laureate Scholarship is given to only five students a year, and is a distinctive and prestigious scholarship funded by the Honors College’s most generous alumni. Cameron took this amazing opportunity and truly made Bowling Green State University his home. He double majored in Biology and Psychology and had a minor in Chemistry. These degrees will help him to achieve his goal of becoming a Genetic Counselor, a goal he developed in high school after becoming inspired by his sister. After shadowing a genetic counselor, he fell in love with the profession. This fall, that passion will become a reality for Cameron when he begins his journey towards receiving his Masters in Genetic Counseling from Case Western Reserve University’s College of Medicine.

Cameron believes that the most valuable tool he has learned through the Honors College is critical thinking skills. These skills have helped contribute to his success throughout his four years here at BGSU as well as throughout his graduate school interviews. He said that many interviewers were impressed with the critical thinking skills he presented to them throughout the interview process. Cameron also had valuable research to present due to his Honors Project. His project focused on creating a peer education script that could be presented by peer educators to teach the campus community on the topics of LGBTQ+ inclusive language, proper safe sexual protocols for anal sex, and sex toy hygiene.

From his time here at Bowling Green, Cameron has gained some valuable memories as well as some words of wisdom. His favorite memories revolve around homecoming because of the atmosphere that it brings to campus. He said, “I love the atmosphere that the alumni brings to campus, and I enjoy all the events that we have to offer students during that week.” Throughout his four years, Cameron had the opportunity to take in all of these memories, including volunteering at the Freddie and Frieda Falcon 5K where everyone gets to eat an endless amount of pancakes after the race. This past year, Cameron was also selected to serve as the 2018 Homecoming King, and while he says that he would have never imagined being able to hold when initially visiting BGSU, it is a title that is well deserved.

To future students, Cameron suggests, “getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.” He said, “You will have the opportunity to learn so much about yourself through your time in Honors, and you should be excited and proud to get to experience this personal and intellectual growth opportunity.”

Personally, I was given the opportunity to work with Cameron through the Office of Residence Life this past year. Being a first-year student, Cameron is someone that I have looked up to within the Honors College. I cannot wait to see the incredible things he will accomplish because let me tell you, they will be great!

Updated: 05/31/2019 03:45PM