Where This Falcon Flew

"The opportunities provided by the Honors College helped broaden my perspective, encouraged me to question and solidify my personal beliefs, and significantly improve my writing, research and presentation skills—there is simply no other comparable undergraduate experience".

Lance Kruse, '14
PhD candidate, Foundations in Educational Research and Measurement

Sunset over the sand dunes in the Atacama desert, Chile.

BGSU Honors College graduates are working around the globe.  Alumni from the College become teachers, doctors, lawyers, writers, musicians, artists and leaders who make a difference throughout the world.

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Honors graduates are leaving Bowling Green State University and truly making a difference in their communities.  Follow up with to hear about their lives, and email honors@bgsu.edu if you would like to submit an accomplishment.

Honors College Alumni Stories

Ryan Sowers '15 serving the Public Good

Ryan Sowers '15 serves the public good after leaving BGSU.


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Phil Rich '18 discovers his calling through Honors Scholars.

Quantitative Analyst at Key Bank in Cleveland, Ohio

"My most enriching experience in the Honors College was working with the Honors Recruiting Team to better understand who chooses to enroll in the Honors College. It helped prepare me for my full-time position, where I will be working with data to help Key Bank to better understand its clients, develop relationships and build strategies."

Patient Care Nursing Assistant at Cleveland Clinic

When Neisha reflects back on her time at BGSU, " being in the Honors College has helped me tremendously. The professors encourage critical thinking and a very hands-on approach that I feel is very important for the medical field. We are taught to brainstorm, to find out what things mean, and to look at a variety of different perspectives"

Learn more about Nina here.

Assistant Director of Admissions and Director of Enrollment, Williams-Mystic

"The BGSU Honors College prepared me for my next step by providing me with mentors and friends who pushed me to follow my dreams. I had the opportunity to learn from numerous staff members in the Honors College about how to apply and interview for my first job. As well, I was fully supported in my decision to build my honors project around my experience in a study away program. The BGSU Honors College helped me feel like I had a place to just be me."

Master's of Special Education, specializing in Comprehensive Sever Disabilities and Applied Behavior Analysis, Vanderbilt University

"Honors prepared me for this next step by teaching me to think critically and dream big. The Honors community at BGSU is full of students pursuing their dreams, which motivated me to continue challenging myself after graduation. The Honors courses also taught key critical thinking skills I needed to look at my career and my field and determine that there was more progress needed and that I can be part of that progress."

Indiana University School of Medicine

Learn about the work Greg did with faculty members on campus while in the Honors College to help him get into med school. More information about Greg can be found here.

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