2016-2017 Tuition Raffle Executive Board

Chair: Courtney Griffith (crgriff@bgsu.edu)

Communications: Katie Barta (kmbarta@bgsu.edu)
Community Outreach: Emily Hager (ehager@bgsu.edu)
Processing Coordinator: Kenzi Stump (mstump@bgsu.edu)
Social Chair: Emily Peterson (epeters@bgsu.edu)

Aryn Lipnicki (alipnic@bgsu.edu)

BGSU Tuition Raffle is a student led organization that works to raffle off scholarships for students of any grade level, major, and or program.  Our goal is to create unity and camaraderie among students while empowering them with resources to succeed. Raffle tickets are sold to students throughout the year for a drawing of partial-tuition scholarships at the end of the year. Smaller raffles of gift cards and other prizes are done throughout the year. The proceeds from the year's efforts are put back into the Honors College to recognize Honors students who exemplify leadership, academic excellence, involvement, pursuit of liberal arts education, or commitment to their community.

Want to earn free raffle tickets? Join our team and earn tickets for each meeting or event attended! Members don’t have to be honors students or part of any specific program. Each member is assigned to a committee that we feel they are a great fit for, and they assist the chairs with all of the committee functions. Come join us and learn what Tuition Raffle is all about!

If you would like to purchase tickets for our Spring Raffle, please visit www.bgsu.edu/tuitionraffle. Each ticket is a chance to win one of two $1,500 scholarships or one of two full book scholarships! The Raffle Event will occur in April 2016 in the Student Union. Students do not need to be present to win.