Intergroup Dialogue

The Honors College is excited to announce that we will begin Intergroup Dialogue (IGD) sessions starting Spring semester 2019.

What is IGD?

“Intergroup dialogues are facilitated, face-to-face interactions between individuals from two or more social identity groups that have a history of conflict or potential conflict. It is a sustained communication process involving a series of meetings and emphasizing issues related to social justice, social group membership, identity, and the positionality (privilege and oppression) of groups. A dialogue typically involves 14-16 participants whose social identity provides general parity between the two groups represented (e.g., women & men; people of color & white people; LGBT persons & heterosexuals, etc.).” (MSU Intergroup Dialogue Statement)

The three themes we have a set-up for are:

·         Gender and Sexuality

·         Race Relations

·         Spirituality

These meetings will be once a week, for about 7 weeks, beginning in March. The same theme will spread throughout the meetings, and the leaders will guide discussion each week.

To build these groups please apply online and fill out the form with your interest and identities. Groups will be created based on an application process; and the themes that we will actually have will be based on if we have enough interest in a particular theme and if we have balanced groups for that particular theme. The form contains some sensitive questions that will ask you to self identify. These questions are asked for a very important reason: it helps us build balanced groups. We cannot have good conversations that build new thoughts and ideas if everyone in the group identifies the same way. So please be aware that participation in certain groups (most noticeably gender and sexuality, or spirituality) will need you to be open about how you identify (in ways that not may be visible) during the conversations.  More information about the program can be found in frequently asked questions below.

Stay tunes for future Intergroup Dialogue events.

Have more questions? Contact Amanda Ark, Graduate Intern, in the Honors Office at

Intergroup Dialogue Application

Intergroup Dialogue FAQ

Q: Why do I have to self-identify to apply?

A:  It helps us build the most balanced groups; we do not want to have a group where all members but one identify one way. By having balanced groups, we can help to ensure balanced conversations and room for new ideas and understanding. This is exactly why we ask people to apply of their own free will for the groups they want to participate in. By giving all members of the group autonomy, it helps build conversation and ensures people are open to the conversations that may be happening in each group.

Q: Who will be leading the groups?

A: It will depend on the subject for the group. Typically, each group has two leaders who each self-identify differently. In addition, in an ideal world, peers would lead the groups as well. However, for the initial round we will have two staff members lead. Amanda (the graduate intern in the Honors College) will be one of the leaders for any session that we do. The second leader will be chosen based on the topic of the conversation. We hope to have student leaders ready to go for any and all FALL 2019 IGD groups.

Q: Will have to register for IGD, like I would a class? Can I get credit hours?

A: No. Just like HLC events, this is something that you choose to participate in. HOWEVER we do ask you to commit to these meetings and come every week (for 7 meetings) unless you have an outside emergency similar to your honors class commitments. You don’t get credit hours but you get to be trained as an IGD leader and participation in IGD is a GREAT CV builder! Full participation is required to get the certificate, IGD leader training, and to use it for a CV builder.

Q: Do I have to want to be an IGD leader to participate?

A: Nope! Again, we want you to participate because you want to do it. Not because you feel like you have to. If you have no interest in being an IGD leader in the future, that is fine! However, if you change your mind and decide at the end of this semester that you want to be a leader that is great! Anyone who participates in the first group will be able to be an IGD leader. In addition, if you say you want to be a leader but decide that it is not for you, you can do that as well.

Updated: 08/08/2019 10:23AM