BGSU/Mercy College BG EDGE Dual Degree Program



Earning Two Degrees from Two Excellent Schools in 4 Years

  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Health Science from Bowling Green State University
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Mercy College of Ohio

The BG EDGE program was developed in 2016 to provide pre-nursing students at Bowling Green State University an additional pathway to earn their Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree.

Bowling Green State University (BGSU) and Mercy College formed a cooperative relationship to assist qualified BGSU undergraduate students to simultaneously earn two degrees - Bachelor of Science in Applied Health Sciences degree from BGSU and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Mercy College in four years (9 semesters). The strengths of the allied health foundation and liberal studies from BGSU is combined with the excellent clinical learning components offered by Mercy College to maximize the educational experience and time to completion for participating students.

Mercy College will provide early admission to a minimum of 10 students from Bowling Green State University to their BSN Program after their first semester of study at BGSU.  Accepted students can then focus their energies on required prerequisite coursework and maintaining their grade point average for entry to Mercy College in their third year of the program.

Requirements for Admission

  1. Deadline: July 15: Bowling Green State University’s pre-nursing students can apply for early admission at the conclusion of their first semester at BGSU.  Applications may also be accepted during the student’s sophomore year, and admission offers will be made based on program space availability.
  2. GPA Requirement: Students are required to have a minimum cumulative 3.0/4.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) and have a B in all required science courses. In the event of a repeated course, the course with the higher grade will be used in the overall GPA calculation.
  3. Acceptance Process:  Students will be notified no later than August 15 of their acceptance into Mercy College’s BSN program, and students must accept their seat no later than September 15 by submitting the acceptance form and BSN deposit. The deposit will be applied to the first semester of tuition.  Students who fail to attend Mercy College or who do not meet the required 3.0 GPA and/or science grade requirements at the time of the program start, will lose their guaranteed seat and the deposit will be forfeited.
  4. Probation Status: If a student’s GPA falls below 3.0 or if s/he does not maintain a B in all required science courses between the time of admission and program start, the seat will continue to be held, but the student must meet the grade requirements before the start of Mercy College’s nursing program.
  5. Bowling Green State University students must complete the prerequisites courses outlined in the transfer guide prior to enrolling in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Mercy College.