Projected Cost to Student

Onsite Option

Students are responsible for 4 semesters of tuition at the graduate level as a full time student and one summer session along with the additional fees and miscellaneous costs described below.

Tuition and general fees are subject to change. For current tuition and general fee information, click here.

Financial Aid

If you apply for the on-site option, you are eligible to apply for a graduate assistantship. Graduate assistants can receive an 8 credit tuition scholarship ($3,392) per semester and a stipend of $4500 per academic year for a 10 hour/week contracted hour commitment. The tuition scholarship does not cover misc. costs and fees.  Graduate assistants also receive 10% discount at Falcon Outfitters. You must have a GPA of 3.0 to be eligible.  Please contact Dr. Kerri Lynn Knippen, Graduate Coordinator, regarding tuition scholarships.

University Fees  
Application Fee - Graduate College $45 (waived through Fall 2021)
Admission Fee [one time] $15
Graduation Fee $15
Parking Permit $115
Required Fee - Dietetic Internship I $1000
Required Fee - Dietetic Internship II $1000
Health Insurance* $2294
GRE $205 (waived through Fall 2021)
Miscellaneous Costs
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Student Membership $55
D&D Digital Application Fee $55
DICAS*** $50 ($25 for any subsequent applications)
Text Books $600
Graduate Services Fee  $16.00/credit hour
Career Services Fee $2.40/credit hour
Physical Exam/Immunizations** varies
Transportation by personal car (Distance to most sites 20 - 25 miles) varies
Housing*** (one bedroom range $500-$700/month) varies

 *Unless already covered by family policy. 

 **The following are required: hepatitis B - 3 dose immunization series, immunity to mumps, varicella, rubella, rubeola [verified by titers], Tdap shot within the past 10 years, 2 step TB skin test, physical, and seasonal flu shot. Boosters may be required if titers are low. All can be completed at Falcon Health.

***For information on off-campus housing. You may also want to check out Falcon's Landing at 419-806-4478

**** Fee to use DICAS is $50 for the first application, $25 for each additional application.