Projected Cost - Distance Program

Tuition and General Fees

Students are responsible for payment of 15 graduate credits at the Distance Learning Graduate per semester fee rate plus additional fees described below.

Tuition and general fees are subject to change. Adjustment to tuition and fees typically takes place in June. For current tuition and general fee information, use this link -

University Fees

Tuition [in-state] $6681.00
Tuition [out of state]  $6681+nonresidency fee (165) = $6846
Required Fee - Dietetic Internship I $1000
Required Fee - Dietetic Internship II $1000
Health Insurance* $2294
Application Fee - Graduate College $45 (waived through Fall 2021)
GRE $205 (waived through Fall 2021)
Graduation Fee $15
Registration Fee $8/semester = $24
Technology Fee $195
Admission Fee  $15
E-campus General Fee [$15.68 per credit hour]  $235.20 (for 15-credit hours)
Graduate Services Fee [$16.00 per credit hour] $240 (for 15-credit hours)
Career Services Fee [$2.40 per credit hour]  $45 (for 15-credit hours)

Miscellaneous Costs

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Student Membership $55
D&D Digital Application Fee $55
DICAS*** $50 ($25 for any subsequent applications)
Textbooks [Amazon or other online sources] $400
Physical Exam/Immunizations (titers)** varies
Internet Service Provider  varies
Room and Board during Orientation $200

 * Unless already covered by family policy.

**The following are required: hepatitis B - 3 dose immunization series, immunity to mumps, varicella, rubella, rubeola [verified by titers], Tdap shot within the last 10 years, 2 step TB skin test, seasonal flu shot, and physical. Boosters may be required if titers are low. 

***$50 for first application, $25 for additional applications.