Instruction/Information Sheet for Field Application/Student Profile


The Student Profile is used by the field instructor to help them feel more comfortable when you arrive for your interview. It helps them to get to know you. The Profile, the interview with the social work faculty coordinator, and the placement supervisor are designed to help you assess your readiness for the social work profession and placement. For liability reasons, certain agencies will ask if you have ever received treatment for substance abuse. Be prepared to answer the question. You may be asked to prove insurance: medical, liability, and auto. Hospitals will often require medical exams. Also, annual Mantoux skin tests (PPD) are required by nursing homes. If done within recent months, take proof to the interview. If they are positive, a chest X-ray will be required. You may also be asked about hepatitis, rubella, measles, and chicken pox. Clothing requirements or dress codes vary in agencies. When going on a field interview dress appropriately. Do not wear tennis shoes or jeans.


Field placement requires liability insurance. The Social Work Program now utilizes the University insurance policy which provides coverage at "no cost" to the student. Your name will be submitted to our Risks Management Office at the time you begin SOWK 325 and coverage will continue until you complete your internship (SOWK 423). The University policy coverage is $1,000,000/3,000,000 aggregate.

Students can elect to take the NASW insurance coverage if they wish. Please advise Field Coordinator or Secretary if this is what you plan to do. In order to obtain NASW liability insurance, you are required to be a member of NASW. You will need to join NASW at least 90 days prior to submitting your liability insurance application. NASW forms are available on the Social Work rack outside Room 223, HHS Building. Some agencies may also have liability insurance which covers you. Please ask them.

Corrections Placements will require a police check conducted by the agency. Other agencies also require this. Recent violations, felony convictions, maturity, and progress in treatment will be considered. Also, recent imprisonments of immediate family member with the same last names will be of concern in helping you make the best choices for placement. Please share any of the above with the Field Coordinator and the Field Supervisor as appropriate.

Placement Address:

We need to know your address during placement. Please notify the Social Work Office and your field placement supervisor immediately of any changes in phone number and/or address. As alumni, please notify the Alumni Office when you change your address. This also helps us update your records.

Placement Restrictions:

Placements must be within 50 miles from Main campus. However, the Washington Center is an approved placement. You will need to see Nancy Alfieri in the Co-op Office at BGSU to obtain an application and also see the Social Work Program Field Coordinator to confirm the placement. Approved placements can be found in the "Red" notebook which can be accessed from Dr. Peggy Adams, Field Coordinator, or Barb Carr, Secretary, in Room 223, HHS Building. To qualify as a supervisor of an intern, a BSW with two-year's experience or an MSW is required. As credit is given for students living 50 miles or more from the University (Firelands students), approximately $160 will be deducted from your General Fees; however, you will need to see Barb Carr in the Social Work Program Office (223 HHS Building) to obtain a special "over 50 mile section #" for SOWK 423 (Field Placement).


Complete (typed) and submit to the Social Work Office three complete sets suitable for interviewing with agencies-ASSEMBLED & STAPLED in the following order:

  1. Student Profile
  2. Self-Assessment
  3. Sample Case Recording

One copy for Office Use - STAPLED in this order:

  1. Field Instruction Application Page (with picture attached - Snapshot is fine)
  2. Student Profile
  3. Self-Assessment Paper
  4. Release of Information (3)
  5. Memorandum of Understanding

It is suggested that you make your decision as early as possible and plan to interview in three agencies.

Due Date:

Field Application and Student profile are due the second week of the semester prior to planned placement semester. You may submit earlier, but we suggest no later than the following schedule:

  • January 30th for Summer Placement
  • April 1st for Fall Placement
  • September 10th for Spring Placement

Schedule an interview with the Field Coordinator prior to submission of application.

Writing Skills Requirement:

To allow the agency a chance to sample your writing/documentation skills, you are also to attach the following to your application.

1.      Self-Assessment

Two to five paragraphs addressing these questions: [attach separate sheet(s)]

  • What was your reason for selecting this area of social work practice? What impact have others had on your choice?

  • Career Direction: What qualities or skills do you possess that will make you an asset to this agency? What do you have to offer them? Why should they accept you? What other areas of social work are you interested in? Is there any special area you do not want to be placed in? Any special elective courses you have had which will be helpful (e.g. medical terminology, death and dying for hospital placement). Have you completed CPR or lifesaving courses? Are you skilled enough in sport, craft, music, clerical to use them in your field placement if appropriate?
  • Describe your personality, your strengths, and weaknesses as you see them.
  • What specifically do you hope to gain from field instruction?

2.      Sample Case Recording

A copy of a sample of your documentation skills (confidentiality protected), e.g. a psychosocial evaluation, a social history, a Plan of Care, a progress note, a summary recording, or a S.O.A.P. is to be included.