Master of Science in Forensic Science with Specialization in Forensic Investigation

The field of forensic science continues to advance at a rapid pace. Professionals who desire to continue or pursue a career in the field are expected to be informed about the latest trends in order to advance in their current positions or explore new career opportunities. 

The master’s degree in Forensic Science (MSFS) program refreshes, solidifies and upgrades the undergraduate and current practitioner knowledge base, allowing students to prepare for new challenges they will encounter in their professional careers. As a result, graduates of the program will be equipped with up-to-date knowledge and skills in forensic science and crime scene investigation, creating opportunities to become sought-after leaders in their profession.

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MSFS - Forensic Investigation Curriculum

Forensic Investigations - Required Courses (18 credit hours)
• FORI 6010 Elements of Forensic Science
• FORI 6100 Criminalistics
• FORI 5400 Law, Evidence, and Procedure
• FORI 6000 Crime Scene Techniques (3)
• CRJU 5150 Data and Statistical Analysis in Criminal Justice (3)
• CRJU 6510 Seminar in Criminal Justice Ethics

Forensic Investigations - Elective Courses (18 credit hours)
• FORI 6050 Forensic Science and the Law (3)
• FORI 6200 Sex Trafficking and Pornography (3)
• FORI 6250 Exploitation Crime (3)
• FORI 6100 Death Investigation (3)
• FORI 6150 Organized Crime and Criminal Networks (3)
• FORI 6300 Cold Case Investigation (3)
• FORI 6400 Cybercrime and Digital Forensics (3)
• FORI 6500 Criminal Profiling and Behavioral Analysis (3)
• FORI 6600 Intelligence and Homeland Security (3)
• FORI 6700 Forensic Casework Practicum (3)
• FORI 6900 Topics in Forensic Investigation (3)
• FORI 6910 Directed Individual Study in Forensic Investigation (3)
• FORI 6990 Thesis Research (3)
Program Facts

We also offer current BGSU juniors and seniors the option to become a pre-master's student under our Accelerated MSFS-Forensic Investigations. For more information, please click here.