Graduate Program

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice (MSCJ) program at Bowling Green State University began in 2001. The MSCJ degree emphasizes the development of individuals for leadership roles in criminal justice agencies, as well as providing a base for the pursuit of doctoral level study. The MSCJ program provides students with a solid base of understanding law enforcement, corrections, courts, and juvenile justice while permitting students to focus and specialize their studies in a wide range of core areas. The program provides students with a solid background in both theory, practice, and research in criminal justice, which prepares graduates to better understand the challenges facing them in the criminal justice field.

Goals of the Program

  • To understand (in greater detail than at the baccalaureate level) the original research that informs the body of knowledge about criminal justice.
  • To understand the science that underpins that knowledge and the nature of systematic inquiry in social science.
  • To understand the impact of the larger social and political forces that act upon the practice of criminal justice and the social agencies with which the system interacts.
  • To possess the ability to discern good research from bad, and if necessary to conduct their own research or commission research by others.

Program Outcomes

  • Program graduates will be able to integrate theory, policy, and research.
  • Program graduates will be able to thoroughly investigate criminal justice topics/issues and propose appropriate responses/solutions.
  • Program graduates will be able to assess the general quality of criminal justice research on specific topics and to offer suggestions for improving the research.
  • Program graduates will be able to write at a level expected from those holding a master’s degree.