2019 Three Minute Thesis Competition


BGSU Three Minute Thesis Competition 2019 Winners

1st Place:

Kacie Pummill

Speech-Language Pathology |Comprehension and Phonemic Mismatch in Disordered Speech

2nd Place:

Samantha Nesnidol

Industrial-Organizational Psychology | Why Does the Public Sector Resist Unproctored Internet Testing?

3rd Place:

Emily Ferrell

Clinical Psychology | Risk Factors for Disordered Eating Behaviors among Military Personnel

People's Choice:

Brian Timm

Sociology | The Long Reach of Delinquent Networks in Late Adolescence on Criminal Activity in Early Adulthood

BGSU Three Minute Thesis Competition 2019 Participants

Lauren Dial

Developmental Psychology | Healthy? Tasty? Children's Evaluative Categorization of Novel Foods

Kevin Oyale Chiteri

Biological Sciences | Functional Analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana Organic Cation Transporters (OCT5 & OCT1) genes in Polyamine Transport in Plants

Aju James

American Culture Studies | Spaces of Laughter: Stand-up Comedy in Mumbai as a Site of Struggle over Globalization and National Identity

Dewan Chaulagain

Computer Science | Hybrid Analysis of Android Applications for Security Vetting

Michael Balinski

Biological Sciences | Differential sexual survival of D. melanogaster on copper sulfate

Nikolai Tcyrulnikov

Photochemical Sciences | Pyridinium Salts: From Photoinduced Through-Space Electron Delocalization to Novel Spontaneous Reactions Causing Thermal DNA Damage

Katie Sakel

Developmental Psychology | Age Differences in Religiousness and Psychological Well-Being

Graeme Wilson

Media and Communication | Angry White Men: How Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead Predicted the Trumpian Zeitgeist

Che Shian Hung

Computer Science | Materialized Views for Mining Software Repository

Blue Profitt

English, Literary and Textual Studies | In Luke More Than Luke: Family Romance and Narcissism in the 'Star Wars' Saga

Melissa Seidel

Biological Sciences | Changes in a pollinator food web in the face of climate change

Sara Sheykhi

Photochemical Sciences | Optical Sensors for Detection of Enantiomeric Excess Application

Claire Smith

Industrial-Organizational Psychology | Breaks that Break the Burnout Spiral