Professional Development Opportunities for Graduate Students

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In the news

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The Graduate College values the significance that professional development opportunities can bring to graduate students. Co-curricular activities enhance the graduate student experience with meaningful, academic, and professionally applied events. Our events are open to the entire BGSU community, but are specifically targeted to graduate students.

The co-curricular activities are particularly targeted to support graduate students in three key areas: instructional/teaching support (particularly helpful for TAs and TIs); Research support; and Professional preparation. 

If your department has an event that is open to the entire graduate community, please send information to for advertising. 

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Upcoming Events and Opportunities

Helpful for: TA/TIs

Helpful for: Research Assistants

Other Professional Development Resources

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Career Conversations for Graduate Students

Career Conversations for Graduate Students

Join us for a two day series of career conversations focused on life after graduate school outside of academia. Read more