Professional Development Colloquia


The Graduate College values the significance that professional development opportunities can bring to both graduate students and graduate faculty.

The co-curricular activities are particularly targeted to support graduate students and faculty in three key areas: instructional/teaching support (particularly helpful for TAs and TIs); Research support; and Professional preparation. 

If your department has an event that is open to the entire graduate community, please send information to for advertising. 

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Upcoming Opportunities

Date Event key areas of support
February 11, 2020 Three Identical Strangers Screening Research
February 13, 2020 Three Minute Thesis Competition Instruction; Professional preparation; Research
February 15, 2020 Culture(s) in Conversation: Environments, Landscapes, and Ecologies Conference
February 26, 2020 Do's Don'ts & Dinner  Professional preparation
February 27, 2020 Black Issues Conference Conference
February 27, 2020 The Professor is in with Dr. Karen Kelsky Professional Preparation
March 6, 2020 Women of Color Leadership Summit Professional Preparation, Conference
March 6, 2020 Ray Browne Conference on Popular Culture Studies Conference
March 25, 2020 Latino/a/x Issues Conference Conference
March 26, 2020 Teaching and Learning Summit Instruction
April 17, 2020 Thesis and Dissertation Workshop Professional Preparation
April 23, 2020 Charles E. Shanklin Research Colloquium Instruction; Professional preparation; Research

Center for Faculty Excellence

The events and workshops at the Center for Faculty Excellence are all open to graduate students. You may want to consider earning the Teaching and learning Certificate

Division of Research and Economic Engagement

Explore various programs about funding, IRB, and other useful resources. Graduate students are welcome at all events.

How do I find out about opportunities?

The opportunities for professional development at BGSU and beyond are endless. However, you need to be active about seeking out the opportunities. We recommend:

  • asking faculty and staff if they have heard of any opportunities
  • checking the BGSU events calendar regularly
  • reading the Academic Agenda, which is sent out every Friday
  • checking the daily campus update
  • Subscribing to the Center for Public Impact Newsletter
  • Following the Graduate College on Social Media

Featured Events

Online Resources

National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity: All students and staff can gain access to resources and webinars by registering with their BGSU Credentials

Introduction to Online Teaching: This course is offered several times a year through the Center for Faculty Excellence


SPIN (faculty and students have access through BGSU)

ICS Research Grants

GSS Funding for Professional Development

Katzer Award

Internships and Practicums

These are different than Graduate Assistantships. Some offices provide opportunities for graduate students to gain some additional experience. Check with each office to determine eligibility and application deadlines.

Institute for Culture & Society Internships

University Libraries Internships


Conferences On Campus

Every year, various departments and organizations host conferences that are free or low cost to attend. These are a great opportunity to present your work without having to travel.



What Do You Study? is a podcast of Interviews with current BGSU graduate students and their experiences.

The Big Ideas podcast talks with academics, artists, activists, and other professionals about their work for the public good.

Recognition & Awards

Recognition for your work is an important part of development. Various awards are offered across campus. Please check the individual sites for deadlines and eligibility. 

Other resources

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