Interdisciplinary Studies

The interdisciplinary studies degree option is a response to increasing interest by students and faculty in an interdisciplinary approach to graduate study and scholarship. It is available to students who have been admitted to a either a master's or doctoral degree program, but who have unique educational needs that cannot be met within a single degree program. It is limited to those areas in which sufficient faculty and adequate material resources exist to support the proposed course of study.

Any student who has been admitted to a degree program and who is interested in pursuing the interdisciplinary studies degree option may develop a proposal under the direction of a faculty advisory committee representing each program or major area of scholarship identified in the proposed interdisciplinary course of study. The course of study must be one that is not available through an existing program, must be at the level (i.e., master's, specialist, or doctoral) of the program to which the student has been admitted, and must combine at least two different graduate degree areas which offer the graduate degree at the level (i.e., master's, specialist, or doctoral) sought by the student. The faculty advisory committee must include a minimum of three members of the graduate faculty for a master's student and a minimum of four members of the graduate faculty for a doctoral student.

Students submit their proposals to the Graduate College in accordance with the "Petition for Interdisciplinary Degree Options Guidelines," available on the Documents and Forms page.

The transcript of doctoral students pursuing the interdisciplinary degree option will designate the doctoral degree in the field of Interdisciplinary Studies with a specialization noted in two or more areas.