Departmental Programming Schedules and Graduate Ambassadors


Departmental programming is in addition to the Virtual Graduate Student Orientation experience.  Most of the department programming is held during GSO Week.

Schedules will be hyperlinked below as they become finalized.


A Graduate Student Ambassador (Ambassador) is a returning graduate student who serves as a role model to prospective and incoming graduate students.  The Ambassadors assist in forming a connection to BGSU with incoming graduate students through outreach over the summer prior to GSO.  Ambassadors aim to serve as a resource to incoming graduate students providing knowledge about the graduate culture and resources available to support graduate student success.  Be on the lookout for communication from your assigned Ambassador over the summer!


Department / ProgramGraduate Student Ambassador
E-Mail AddressDept. Phone
Accounting  419-372-8160
American Culture Studies (MA/PhD)  419-372-8886
Analytics  419-372-2791
Applied Statistics (ASOR)  419-372-2363
Applied Statistics (Math)  419-372-2636
Art (School of)  419-372-2786
Biological Sciences  419-372-3845
Business Administration (MBA)    419-372-8823
Chemistry/Photochemical Sciences  419-372-6002
College Student Personnel  419-372-7321
Communications Disorder  419-372-2515
Computer Science  419-372-2002
Criminal Justice / Forensic Investigation  419-372-9542
Data Science  419-372-2636
English MFA Creative Writing  419-372-6864
English (Literary and Textual Studies)/MA  419-372-7541
English (Rhetoric and Writing) PhD  419-372-8107
European Studies    
Financial Economics   419-372-8070
Food & Nutrition   419-372-8090
Forensic Science  419-372-0224
Geology/Geospatial Science  419-372-2886
German/Political Science  419-372-2571
Gerontology  419-372-1054
Health Services Administration  419-372-2791
Higher Education Administration  419-372-7321
History  419-372-8333
Human Movement, Sport, & Leisure Studies  419-372-7233
Leadership and Policy Studies  419-372-7373
Clinical Mental Health or School Counseling  419-372-7312
MACIE  419-372-7401
Mathematics & Statistics (MA Program)  419-372-6575
Mathematics & Statistics (PHD Program)  419-372-6575
Media & Communication  419-372-3422
Musical Arts  419-372-2182
Philosophy  419-372-2117
Physics & Astronomy  419-372-2421
Public Administration  419-372-7593
Popular Culture  419-372-7863
Psychology  419-372-2306
Reading - MEd  419-372-7320
Spanish  419-372-8043
Social Work  419-372-8242
Sociology  419-372-2294
Sociology:  Applied Demography  419-372-2294
Teaching & Learning, School of (except for Reading)  419-372-7320
Technology, College of (All Programs)  419-372-8354
Construction Management   
Engineering Technology   
Instructional Design   
Quality System    
Theatre   419-372-2222